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Theo James as Ash
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sarah_fonseca 9 / 10

Deserves so much better than its current rating

First review. Had to make an account to say this. The movie is really beautiful and raises a lot of questions I really had never thought about before. I went through a series of different emotions during this film and I thought it was really great. Performances were strong, the movie itself is beautifully shot... I might watch it again.

Reviewed by Shawn 9 / 10

Long, slow, beautifully shot glimpse into a possible future

First off the movie is long and slow but it's gorgeous and thoughtful and posits a number of ideas related to AI and human/machine relationships once we've figured out how to surpass the uncanny valley and create unmistakably human like androids. How will they feel? Will they love, can we love them? What is love anyway? Both Ewan Macgregor and Lea Seydoux are stellar as they explore love, jealousy and loss between human and sentient machine. If you're patient and thoughtful, a very rewarding film.

Reviewed by djbaxter-980-742507 8 / 10

Excellent variation on the AI theme

This movie is absolutely worth watching, probably more than once. Excellent story. Excellent performances. Just a beautifully done film.

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