Warning Shot


Drama / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Harrison Tweed (Top Dawg) 4 / 10

Convoluted writing and less than adequate directing leaves you unsatisfied.

This screenplay was a mess. Boring and unnecessary dialog that will leave you shaking your head. Who cares about water rights? Why did the one guy want to be a Dr. Phil and psychoanalyze the mother with "who cares" questions? How many times do we need to correct "gun" to "rifle"? Was this supposed to be humor?

Novice writer Breanne Mattson should just stick to short films, or at least needed to edit this down to 65-70 mins, not the 90 mins that felt like 120.

There was no real plot to this film, just a bunch of useless conversations with poorly acted "thrilling scenes" which I'm guessing novice director Dustin Fairbanks' inexperience failed to direct his actors.

David Spade wasn't bad for a serious role, but Tammy Blanchard and little Onata Aprile nailed their roles. James Earl Jones and Bruce Dern's small roles were decent but nothing extraordinary.

You'll probably want to pass on this film, as the trailer was way more exciting and pretty much is the entire film. Otherwise be prepared to fall asleep from boredom.

A generous 4/10 from me for the only 5-10 mins of good tension and the gals' acting.

Reviewed by aleistad-1 7 / 10

One of those rare movies...

This is one of those rare movies these days where you really care about the characters, at least if you have any kind of empathy. At times it was painful to watch, but for a good reason.

It was also very 'economical' in its unfolding. That is to say, not one line or movement was wasted. Everything had meaning, and there was no unnecessary filler of any kind. The acting was good by all involved, and I can't fault the directing or photography either - in short this was good movie making.

The IMDB category reads "Drama, Thriller" - I'd add "Fable" to that. I hope it will not be overlooked in the steady stream of shallower, but more popular movies. Watch it if you want nerve and meaning. Skip it if you want action and one liners.

Reviewed by adonis98-743-186503 4 / 10


A single mother and her young daughter struggling to make ends meet until they inherit a farmhouse from their grandfather. When a family business rival sends armed men to take the water rights to the farm's creek by force, the situation spirals out of control. Warning Shot is not the worst thing of the year that is true but how did someone such as James Earl Jones (Star Wars, Conan the Barbarian) agreed to appear on this movie? I mean his role was fine but the movie? Mmm not so much plus David Spade? Seriously? and in a movie of this kind? wow weird.

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