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Gillian Anderson as Professor Hendricks
Ella Purnell as Natalie
David Strathairn as Franklin Ahls
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Dr.Mohamed Ahmed 4 / 10

Very philosophical movie done in an immature way.

Starting from the name of the movie, you will feel that there's a lot of thinking and philosophy behind it. And by the way, you have to Google "UFO" to find its meaning.

The movie starts with a lot of written explanations about some mathematical theories and hypothesis, it's kinda elongated and would perfer if it's done in more cinematic way other than the lectures way.

Then the events start with the appearance of a weird thing above an airport then it shows how the government, people, media and our main characters -who are university students- react to that incident.

Then the events split into two lines, one of the students and their tries to solve the mystery behind the seeing, the other line is with FBI people investigating the incident.

The movie has a very sharp way of explaining everything, so you will not be left with unasnwered questions.

The actors are fitting well but no one is remarkable, some of them are just there to fill up the space. And the subcontractors are not fitting and some of them hiding a laugh which is annoying.

The movie has a good photography, a lot of airport and planes scenes, you will not get the chance to see what appeared in the sky so no space for visual effects here.

The problem is with the angles of the camera, the camera moves and the color editing which gives you the feeling of low budget movie.

There's a relationship between low budget movies with good idea and high budget movies with bad idea, both of them will not be liked by a lot of people and it's a little bit risky because you will categorize the fans and watchers as this movie is not for everyone.

I have a problem with that kind of movies that use mathematical theories and mysterious numbers as you will not understand what is being told nor you will be able to verify that the information given are correct. And this movie has a lot of that element.

Finally, it's below the average movie that is hard to be categorized, because it has no drama nor action and a very little amount of thrill just enough to keep you watching it, you can easily get bored here if you don't like the idea from the beginning.

Reviewed by TRex 7 / 10

Bring out your inner geek with this thoughtful film

This was a very decent film and definitely worth watching - the acting was underplayed and there were no stupid special effects - just a good interesting plot and story.

I have no idea if the math was accurate but it seemed quite plausible and the mystery kept me waiting until the end - I almost felt like a math genius just watching it unfold.

The acting and direction was good - the usual aspergers/autistic type math genius that gets to prove his point by solving a really hard problem - made me think that the future of human kind will probably be in the hands of someone like this.

Not the average action packed sci-fi alien squealing fest but very entertaining.

Reviewed by Harrison Tweed (Top Dawg) 7 / 10

Enjoyable B-grade low budget film, but you may not like it if you hate math

This was certainly no big budget Hollywood blockbuster, but a fairly decent and interesting film that held my attention.

It didn't have any action or thrills, but the rather original concept behind a UFO sighting was enough to keep me well interested.

This is novice director and writer Ryan Eslinger's fourth film installment, and he did a very good job.

The score was a little too obvious throughout the entire film, and pausing it in certain scenes would have created better tension for the viewer. The pacing and length were just right. The C & B grade cast performed fairly well, but I feel Alex Sharp should have not been cast as the lead. Perhaps someone more seasoned would have made this film more appealing. It was however a pleasant surprise to see Gillian Anderson a.k.a X-Files' Scully, and she of course nailed her role.

I can see many people slamming this film, especially if they hate math, and because it's not your typical Hollywood production. Had there been narrating, it would have made for a great documentary type film. This felt more like one of those "based on a true story" films. Nothing spectacular, but still interesting enough to watch and make you think.

Nevertheless, still enjoyable and refreshing to see something different, even if not Hollywood-ish. Would I recommend it? Yes. Would I see it again? Probably not.

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