Top Dog


Crime / Drama

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Vincent Regan as Watson
Leo Gregory as Billy Evans
Ryan Oliva as Joe
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Spikeopath 3 / 10

Sick As A Dog.

Directed by Martin Kemp and written by Dougie Brimson, Top Dog stars Leo Gregory, Ricci Harnett, Vincent Regan, Danielle Brent and Lorraine Stanley. Plot finds Gregory as a top London football hooligan who bites off more than he can chew when he muscles in on a gangster's racket action.

The British hooligan film band wagon rolls on these days regardless of quality. Where once was a viable space for these genre films to create interest and a bit of shock and awe, now is an area crammed with lads movies for lads movies sake. Top Dog is a poor film, full of half hearted performances, where most the cast realise it's once again just easy money to be made, limp direction (poor fight scenes and cheese dialogue), and a screenplay that simply adds nothing new to the over stuffed clich├ęd topics to hand - insultingly the audience gets to know practically nothing about the main players.

It will of course have found an audience, we know this because stuff like this keeps getting made, but the high wire days of The Football Factory (2004) and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998) now seem very far away. 3/10

Reviewed by leonblackwood 3 / 10

Typical English gangster movie! 3/10

Review: This is yet another typical English East End movie about a football hooligan who uses his firm to take down a underground firm. Once he finds out that he has bitten off more than he can chew, he has gone way too far and his whole world comes crumbling down around him. I was expecting something original from the director, Martin Kemp, who is famous for starring in the Krays, but it just turns out to be an average cockney movie which we have seen many times before. As usual, we have your graphic hooligan violence with loads of swearing but the director did try and give the movie some depth by making the main character have an successful business and a loving family. In all, it's not that original but it's watchable! Average!

Round-Up: Leo Gregory seems to act the same in all his movies, so it wasn't that surprising to see him playing this role. It's the same for all of the characters, like Vincent Reagan who always plays an convincing tough nut and a joy to watch. My main problem with the film is that it's quite predictable, even though the ending tried to twist the plot to make it interesting.

I recommend this movie to people who are into there typical English East End gangster movies about a football hooligan taking on an underground mob. 3/10

Reviewed by Alan Watson 2 / 10

One for the bargain bin.

I rather like a decent hooligan film....

This however was not any shade of decent..

Only watched this as Green Strret wasn't the worst football hooligan film

(not as good as ID and rise of the foot soldier anyway).

But this was poor on every aspect from the acting, storyline and even the fight sequences were unrealistically shown.

It will take a sensational film to bring me back round from avoiding Martin Kemp directed films.


Wait for it to be on TV ,

it really is not worth money nor data.

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