The Second


Mystery / Thriller

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Lisa Kay as The Senior Detective
Rachael Blake as The Writer
Susie Porter as The Muse
Vince Colosimo as The Publisher
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by adonis98-743-186503 1 / 10

Just Dumb..

The persona of a celebrated author is threatened when her best friend and muse reveals the dark secret behind her first novel's provenance, igniting an incendiary tale of sex, lies and betrayal. The Second of sure is a tale of sex and betrayal but it's also a boring thriller about horrible characters staring at the abyss for half an hour or so. The overall acting was even worse and even a bit over the top sometimes threw out the movie and overall such a waste of time and money by the end. Please do not see this movie for your own good and safety. (0/10) (F)

Reviewed by adam-703-808689 1 / 10

Flimsy characters in a weak story, further weakened by padding and cliches

Rachael Blake plays a novelist who's extremely pleased with herself and makes a point of being either sour or enigmatic or both simultaneously. She and her publisher (Vince Colossimo) visit her country mansion so she can write her second novel without distractions. He seems extremely dim - for a publisher. But that's handy because all she seems to want from him is sex, or to be able to humiliate him. Nothing much happens for the first half hour. Except we meet the standard menacing local bloke in a flannelette shirt, and there are flashes of past somethings - very brief, too brief to stimulate much anticipation. Then the novelist's fun-loving besty (Susie Porter) turns up, and larger hints are made about the dark secret of their past, but not much happens that you don't expect will happen. A triangle develops, the dark secret is gradually revealed, but are the "shocking" scenes we see part of the novel being written, or are they really happening? I didn't care. This is one of those 20 minute stories that are chopped up into 90 minute jigsaw puzzles in the hope that you won't notice that not much is going on. As far as interesting characters or story are concerned, "The Second" woefully neglects its audience.

Reviewed by winbah-92226 1 / 10

Trite Nonsense

The first minute of this film made me dislike the central character. I persevered with the movie for another hour feeling that it had possibility. Once the gore started it totally lost me. The plot is confused and silly. The characters are all one dimensional and unlikable. Don't waste 90 minutes of your life on this nonsense.

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