The Last Witness


History / Thriller

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Talulah Riley as Jeanette Mitchell
Michael Gambon as Frank Hamilton
Henry Lloyd-Hughes as Mason Mitchell
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by roguegrafix 8 / 10

Whoever gave this 1 is crazy!

The Katyn massacre by the Soviets in 1940 remained officially undisclosed until 1990 when Gorbachev admitted it. The unofficial truth was known by the British and American governments during World War II and by the public since the late 1940s. This film follows a journalist's fight to tell the truth to the public and the repercussions of his actions.

Whoever gave this film a 1 must be crazy. Extremely well shot and acted, this is a good film especially if you are interested in the Katyn massacre. An Anglo- Polish production, it is not a Hollywood blockbuster but a very poignant tale told in a non-Hollywood way..I enjoyed it.

Reviewed by piotr-28898 10 / 10

Worthy! You can understand better Polish history and how Russia works

If you want to understand Polish history you have to see this title. The film shows investigation of British journalist about history of Katyn masacre. Place where Russians killed arround 22 000 Poles during WW2. Poland lost oficers, teachers, people who could oppose the communist after war.

Reviewed by pmandyna 10 / 10

Thinking does not hurt, the truth does not sting

When the Allies sold Poland in 1939, they wanted to hide the truth. The truth is how the plant, breaks through concrete and asphalt. The truth hurts, but it is cleansing. This is your choice, live in a cliché or live in truth.

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