The Land of Steady Habits


Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 79%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by proudpakistanii16 8 / 10

Characters don't always have to be likable!!!

This is not a movie for everyone. The characters are flawed and that's what makes them real. We do certain things in life without any reason. And that's what happens in this movie and that's what people are criticising but it is also that thing that made me like this movie. Not all characters are free of fault and the ones who look like the victims are equally to be blamed for everything that happened in the movie. I haven't read the novel but the movie is making me want to pick it up. Anders(played by the brilliant Ben Mendelsohn) has taken an early retirement but decorating his house and sleeping with strangers is not bringing him the happiness he expected to find after cutting ties with his old life. Even if you can't relate to his story, you'll be able to relate to him. I know Netflix has been failing in the action and romantic movie genres but in my opinion, they're not doing so bad in drama movies.

Reviewed by thegeorgephillips 4 / 10

The Land of Unlikeable Characters

Although Ben Mendelsohn does a good job, this movie is full of extremely unlikeable characters with no motivation whatsoever. I didn't really understand why Anders Hill did everything he did throughout the movie, and the same goes for every other character. The editing is pretty poor too; so many badly edited shot/reverse shot cuts. The music is fine and so is the writing, but it just tries so hard to be another American Beauty.

Reviewed by dansview 5 / 10

Noone to Root For

Well, Godless Hollywood people can only write about what they know. Dysfunctional families and existential angst is what they know. So here's another portrayal of suburban families with no particular purpose or structure wondering why their hoped-for perfect world collapsed. Mendelsohn plays the same guy he often plays, which is the sort of confused, corrupted-but-loveable man-child who gets into mischief. But he does it well. He has a weird way of speaking. I guess it's because he's hiding his Australian accent.

Nobody here has much depth or really believes in anything. But I suppose it does portray one kind of reality in the suburbs. There are such characters. I just felt like it wasn't about anything.

It seems that our main character really hasn't learned anything about himself, or why his son is so aimless. They both still seem aimless at the end. Or perhaps he is growing up and starting something with a new lady. I don't know. There is nothing more than a brief, feeble attempt to explain his angst. Yet this same angst created massive upheaval in his family and community. The acting here is decent. But stay away unless you have a lot of patience for depressing characters with few redeeming qualities.

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