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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rehit-it 1 / 10

An apauling mess of a movie.

It was as if a bunch of home-schooled special effects dropouts decided to make a movie but couldn't afford: actors, script writers, costumes, an editor, a director, a producer or even a decent computer - and decided to fill those roles themselves. Seriously the most enjoyable part was the credits, in which I'm shocked anyone wanted their name attributed.

With over 500 - 10 star reviews it's abundantly clear that the makers of this movie have cheated the rating process and those rating should simply be removed so other's don't ruin their evenings with this utter tripe.

Reviewed by TheGus K 1 / 10

Beyond bad

I often wonder how a whole cast be so terrible. Ya figure at least one would be passable at least... nope. Lame dialog, nonsensical plot, silly home computer graphics... enough said. Nothing here, move on.

Reviewed by Harrison Tweed (Top Dawg) 2 / 10

A 5th grade drama class could have produced a better film!

Somebody's daddy had some money to spend on their kids hobby.

This attempt-at-a-film was atrocious. It's not even a B-grade, but an F(fail)-grade movie. The opening scene with the little girl crying was the best part - good cinematography and camera work. Then all downhill so fast from there, I had to shut it off after 1/3rd in (20 mins), and even that's too long considering all the chances I gave this film to redeem itself.

There was barely a story here, just a mishmash of long dragged out convoluted, useless and poorly edited and executed scenes. The annoying score... wow, what were they thinking? Then there was the worst dialogue and acting I have ever seen in a film.

What was writer/director/producer Justin Price thinking? How can anyone with any film experience say "that's a wrap, looks great, let's get this out there"? He probably spent more on the fake ratings/reviews than into this production/

Films like this need a new category: SMH. This was more comedy than sci-fi as I could not stop laughing and smh.

I'm giving it a very generous 2/10 for the fairly decent cinematography and HD-SFX albeit cheesy (not for the lmao laser gun blasts), and for the effort in the costume department.

This film should be a class-study on what to NOT do when making a film.

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