The Children Act



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Stanley Tucci as Jack Maye
Emma Thompson as Fiona Maye
Ben Chaplin as Kevin Henry
Nikki Amuka-Bird as Amadia Kalu QC
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by andyge 8 / 10

Intelligent and well made

This is a small but intelligent film that will stay with you for a long time after the final credits. It is well made in all categories and addresses a number of issues that are current and important today including faith vs law, love vs life, youth vs experience. This is probably the best adaption of one of Ian McEwans novels and benefits from a strong and nuanced performance from Emma Thomson who is hardly off the screen for a minute and excellent support from Jason Watkins as her clerk and newcomer Fionn Whitehead. As one of the characters says .. I could see you listening and thinking.. and this is really the crux of the film.What decision you come to in the end may differ... but at least you have the enjoyment of being challenged!

Reviewed by Ayal Oren 9 / 10

Rationalism and faith face their limitations

This is a very deep and thought provoking movie, relying on a supurb cast performance with Emma Thompson heading the list. Be careful reading the synopsis as it contains a few significant errors, might be based on the novel. I can't explain the errors without adding spoilers, and I don't do these.

The basic point of this movie is a confrontation between a woman striving to be as rational as possible, being a judge, and facing the limitations of pure rationalism when she has to rule on a question of faith. While faith also struggles to come out from this confrontation unscathed, as manifest by the young boy who has to live with the ruling of the judge. Very cleverly the story doesn't end with the judges ruling but with both sides of the debate having to live with the consequences of the ruling. The story is told with very English reserve that suits it very well. That's all one needs to know, before seeing it. If you get the chance do see it.

Reviewed by turetskyneil 9 / 10

Touching, intelligent film. great Emma Thompson performance

Based on excellent writer Ian McEwan novel, this film managed to balance very nicely two themes, a troubled marriage and exploration of religious freedom in life and death health decisions. Issues of sexuality dying in middle age couples, overwork's effects on intimacy quietly and maturely looked at. No easy answers given. What to decide when a religious family refuses to permit a medically needed blood transfusion for religious reasons. A really remarkable acting tour de force by Emma Thompson, Stanley Tucci very good as beloved but sexually frustrated spouse, and very amusing spot on character acting by the "clark". Interesting peeks into England's legal system, and some very good cinematography of English countryside.. Slightly flawed by some melodramatic and poorly explained plot turns, the movie is still a must see, very smart and entertaining.

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