The Accidental Spy


Action / Comedy / Crime / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 29%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 35%
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Scott Adkins as Lee's Bodyguard
Jackie Chan as Buck Yuen
Nicholas Guest as (voice)
Dave Thomas as (voice)
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by NoeValleyJeff 5 / 10

Chan is missing, unfortunately

Jackie Chan's greatest weakness in his movies is predictability: you know the good triumphs over evil, the good guys are easy to identify, Jackie drop-kicks some butt, and he takes time to save kids and babies (not to mention babes, who sometimes save him). You know that if he gets the girl, he doesn't get very far (PG all the way).

In his best movies, this is his greatest strength, too: against the repeated backdrop of white and black hats, you're never quite sure how he's going to manage to clutch victory from the jaws of defeat. You know he's going to get cornered by 6 black hats with 18 weapons in some storage room...and somehow use whatever's stored there to do away with the evil-doers.

Unfortunately, in the Accidental Spy, we're not kept guessing very long. The fight scenes are overly predictable (and, too often, the victim of a punch will start rolling their head back before they're punched). The plot is as unimportant to the Jackie Chan machine as usual, but, unlike other movies of his, the characters aren't memorable. The love-interest is lovely, but not interesting. The spy-who-coulda-have-loved-Jackie is relegated to making plot-digressing phone calls ("did you order a helicopter?").

And it's too bad, because there's otherwise some good material here: drug kingpins and orphans, lost parents, competing spy agencies, and beautiful locations (especially those Istanbul and other parts of Turkey). It's too bad that his escape from a Turkish bathhouse is wasted in this movie (you try to confront a half-dozen apes with only your bath towel to save you...and then not even the towel).

The dubbing doesn't help. Instead of offering the film in its original Chinese with subtitles (easily possible in this digital age), we're stuck with dubbing that sucks away what little life remains in these two-dimensional characters.

I really like Chan's movies, but he could have phoned his performance in for this one. Chan, unfortunately, is missing from his own movie.

Reviewed by gridoon2018 5 / 10

The cut version is one of Jackie's weaker films

Apparently there are two versions of "The Accidental Spy" in circulation, the most commonly found cut one (which runs about 90 minutes) and the harder to find long one (which runs about 110 minutes). This certainly offers a reasonable explanation as to why the plot of this movie in its cut form seems so disjointed. But it does not fully explain why it is so dull. The tone swings wildly from light spy comedy to serious spy drama - the movie never seems sure of itself. The fighting is unremarkable if you've seen any of Jackie's previous outings, and some of the action scenes have a "been there, done that" feel to them. The climactic "Speed"-like sequence of a tanker that must not slow down or it will explode is spectacular, but has nothing to do with the main plot. On the bright side, there is at least one amazing stunt (Jackie jumping from the roof of a building to the road below using three umbrellas as parachutes!), there is a nice international flavor (the locations include Hong Kong, Seoul and Istanbul), there are two pretty Chinese women, and of course there is always Jackie. (**)

Reviewed by TC-Batsy 10 / 10

Jackie Chan Remains at the Top!

Chinese actor Jackie Chan proved to be the best actor,and stunt-man in "The Accidental Spy "in its English dubbed version. There had been a combination of action,thrill,and comedy in this film where Jackie portrays a man who discovers that his father was an agent and he finds himself involved with a Chinese drug Mafia. Also,Jackie never hesitates to add more suspense,and humor in "The Accidental Spy",including the Turkish bath scene,and the burning truck which makes him a star with unique qualities superior to other actors. Finally,this film with its wonderful cast,and director Teddy Chan deserves 10 stars.

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