Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation


Comedy / Horror / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Andrew Gold 2 / 10

"It's been an abomination. You really must accept my sincere apologies."

Well said, Rothman. Whatever this movie is supposed to be, it fails on every level. It's not scary, it's not disturbing, it's not entertaining, it's only funny periodically when you can't believe how stupid it is, and it essentially killed the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise until it was rebooted a decade later.

The only reason anyone would have any inclination to watch this is because of its leads - Renee Zellweger and Matthew McConaughey - who were young and naive back then, but they did they best they could with the material they had. Renee played a fine damsel in distress and McConaughey was perfect as an insane cannibalistic psychopath. You can tell he was having fun with the part, and the fun he has is contagious sometimes especially knowing how huge he has become since.

The movie itself is downright horrendous. It starts off as a typical slasher: a few teens leaving prom get stranded in the woods, then they encounter strange characters, and from then it devolves into a nonsensical screaming battle between everyone. Literally there are scenes in this movie where the only lines are "AHHHH!" Leatherface has gone full transvestite for this installment. They also end the movie with some sort of conspiracy that these cannibals have been around for thousands of years and there are men in suits that check up on them or something. It makes absolutely no sense and trying to piece it together will ensure a loss of brain cells.

This is the worst of the pre-millennial TCMs by a long shot. Only watch if you're a die-hard TCM completist or you want to watch McConaughey yell like crazy for a while. Either way, you're bound to be disappointed.

Reviewed by Maciste_Brother 1 / 10

Insanely bad!

I decided to watch the original "Texas CHAINSAW MASSACRE", TCM 2, LEATHERFACE TCM 3 and TCM 4 in a row. I already seen the two first and I think they're great. But Leatherface and TCM 4 were new to me. Leatherface was extremely flat and boring but TCM 4 was, well, INSANELY BAD. I simply could not believe what I was watching. My jaw was on the floor. Is this a movie? It's a joke, right? I never laughed so much in a very long time. There are simply no words to describe how bizarre, SURREAL, and bad this movie is. Nothing makes sense so there's no point of trying to make sense of it. It's insane. Insanely bad. Insanely funny. Insanely directed. Insanely insulting to the whole series. Insanely watchable AND unwatchable. Yes, it's INSANELY entertaining to the masochist in me, who likes to witness the worst of the worst in movies, and TCM 4 is WRETCHED to the nth degree! It feels like the Hitchhiker from the original TCM directed this "movie". I have to admit that as bad as TCM 4 is, at least it's looks and feels more like the TCM world created by Tobe Hooper than the ultra boring and flat looking LEATHERFACE TCM 3.

There are so many moments in TCM 4 that have to be seen to be believed. The funniest being the moment when Renee and Matthew are battling over remotes that controls Matthew's piston powered leg (got that?). Or the funny scene of Leatherface (a cross-dresser here) standing behind clueless Heather and playing with her hair. Heather has to be one of the funniest characters I've ever seen. She's played by Lisa Marie Newmyer, who's a bimbo but with a lot of insight. In this "movie", Heather is attacked by Leatherface, placed in a freezer. Then she's hung on a hook, and for some unexplained reason, she got off the hook and tried to crawl away from the house only to be brought back to the house, where she lies on the floor, too bored or lazy to runaway. LOL!!! The whole thing is played as a comedy. But the comedy is often so bizarre that it's not really funny. What's also remarkable is that Renee and Matthew do have "star quality" and watching these "stars" in this insane movie just adds a lot more bizarre, wonky quality to the movie than it really deserved. The whole cast is game but I wonder, what did the director or producers do to have the cast go all out like that? Was it drugs? Was the whole crew and cast on drugs or drunk?!?! Matthew is very good in his role as, well, I don't know, a buff psycho? And Renee goes all out in her role as "survivor", running across the forest like an athlete trying to win a medal.

After I watched TCM4 for a second time, I've finally realized that it's all flippant parody of the first movie. I've noticed bizarre details, like the sound of crickets during the opening scene inside Jenny's house. The director, who co-wrote the original TCM, didn't take this new foray into the TCM universe seriously for one second. In the end, TCM 4 looked like an amalgamation of 'THE Texas CHAINSAW MASSACRE' and TWIN PEAKS. The director was obviously influenced by the David Lynch TV series. When you look at the movie in this light, it's not the total disaster that everyone says it is BUT the movie still ends up looking pretty bad because of one major weak aspect about it: it's TOTALLY POINTLESS. If there's was a movie that was totally pointless, it's this one. Why basically remake the first movie a la David Lynch? What's next? The Quentin Tarantino version of TCM?

Anyway, personally, I prefer TCM 4 over LEATHERFACE TCM 3, which is just plain bad and is the worst movie of this bizarre so-called series. At least TCM 4 is so consciously bad that, even if it's an almost total embarrassment to the two first films, it's actually fun to watch if you're looking for something to laugh at or with, something that's insanely wacky, full of energy and 100% OVER-THE-TOP!

As a straightforward film, TCM 4 rates at a big fat ZERO. But as a "it's so bad it's good movie," TCM 4 rates a perfect 10. It's ranks up there along with GLEN OR GLENDA, PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE, TERROR IN THE JUNGLE, and THE LEGEND OF LYLAH CLARE as the very best of the worst.

Reviewed by Julie Hoverson 7 / 10

Creepy in many ways (I'm in the minority again)

I liked this movie. I liked it in whole and in parts - meaning I enjoyed the film as a whole (and have watched it several times, inflicting it on various friends...), but there were touches in it that really creeped me, and that isn't something that happens every day.

The film is your basic teenagers on the way home from the prom get lost and stuck and run into spooky family in the middle of nowhere - mayhem ensues. Actually, this is the movie I thought of (fondly) when I first heard about "House of 1000 Corpses". I like this movie much better, and not just because I REALLY want to bring it to a "Matthew McConaghy Fan Club" movie night.


It's the details that make this movie. The wall of drivers' licenses that you can see in the background in one room of the creepy family's house, which implies they've been at this for a while. The filthy bathroom where you can't see the human skin hanging on the back of the door until you're already inside with the door closed.

I've always found it hard to imagine a female villain character who actually "works" in a movie like this, unless she's either essentially browbeaten and incapable of individual action, or is utterly, irredeemably psychotic. This movie has a creepy female character who both casually flashes passersby from her office window (explaining only that she just got implants and everyone seems to want to see them) and flirts with cops while she has a girl tied up in her trunk. She also gives a variety of weird "conspiracy theory"ish explanations for why she goes along with what the spooky family does.

Most unusual of all is the weird guy in the limousine who shows up for no particular reason and implies that he put these people here for some reason - presumably to generate exactly the type of urban legends they are generating - and who might be.... Satan? Some underling, anyway. Maybe Ranger Asmodeus (from Equinox) has a cousin. ..

The movie left me wondering - in the best possible way. Not the usual "why did they make this?" or "how could they have thought this was good?" But instead "who is that guy? Does he have other enclaves of evil out there just waiting for his visits?" and "that woman - was she a victim at one point who talked her way into joining them as a survival mechanism, and then convinced herself that it was OK?"

Ya know?

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