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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Manny Ramirez 10 / 10


We are lucky to witness one of the best rivalries in sports history, any sport. The documentary is not just Nadal vs Federer, but about unforgettable tennis rivalries, it is about what mental strength is required to achieve greatness, it is about respect for your opponent, it s about the motivation that each player exerts on the other player.

Reviewed by rasmusrosesorensen 10 / 10


One of the most fantastic documentaries I have ever seen. As a tennis fan this was very interesting, but I would imagine that a non-tennis fan would love it nearly as much.

Reviewed by zellez05 10 / 10

THE great tennis film

Recently a couple of sports journalists, Jon Wertheim and Chris Nashawaty, were bemoaning the lack of the one GREAT tennis movie. Claimed Borg v McEnroe was the closest. Well hold the presses, Strokes of Genius is it. Not a fictional film or biopic but a doco I think it can still claim the title.

Beautifully made, great tension and editing - directed by an english guy, who has two Mindhunter eps also on his cv (the best TV of recent years).

Even if you don't love tennis this will grab you. The back stories of the two best male tennis players ever is great, fabulous interviews with their families and teams. The context of the 'greatest tennis match in history' the rivalry and the pathos is gripping. The two athletes are intelligent, articulate, honest and reflective - two exceptional humans. A must see I reckon.

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