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Nat Wolff as Doug
Stacy Martin as Rosy
Tony Shalhoub as Dr. Godin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Liam_Sandborn 8 / 10

High Marks for Acting and Directing

Where can I begin. First off. The director did a lot with the little bit that she had at hand. She took relatively new actors like Johnny Knoxville and made them look like pros. Of course she could not have done it without their cooperation and effort so kudos to all involved. Second. The story is unique and believable at the same time. I do think the writing flowed well for the first 75% of the movie. I don't know if it was just my perception of it or if others would have the same experience, but it seemed like the writing took a turn down an ambiguous path and had me scratching my head. I felt like the flashbacks could have made more relative sense sooner in the movie. All in all this is a movie worth watching if you enjoy a unique story with good acting and direction. Make what you like of it and its ending. Whether you agree with the ending or not it was still a good story that you can get distracted from your everyday life by.

Reviewed by shelbyswanson-67936 4 / 10

Left something to be desired

This story has all the right elements to be a new age cult classic, but some of the execution was so poor that it can't break past it. All in all the movie felt unfocused and the ending left something to be desired. Ideally the film would've needed another 30min added to its run time to give the movie enough time to fulfill the storyline and give the audience a better resolution. Although I understand the direction the movie was going for, it really didn't work with this movie in the slightest. Nat Wolff fit the "slightly off putting" character to a T, but as for his co star not so much. It's really unclear for most of the movie whether this is a case of Stockholm syndrome or if she is faking it. The line is very blurred and perhaps that was the goal, but it resulted in a very disorienting film.

Reviewed by HRGoldise 2 / 10

Terrible ending!

Although the story is cliche but acceptable acting and directing alongside the other technical elements, make the audience to stay with it to the end but the shallow ending makes everyone significantly disappointed. In fact the director put an end to the work which doesn't belong to this mystery - crime - trail story, it's actually defined for neorealism. Of course it drops the rate badly.

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