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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by aric-76670 1 / 10

idk if youll read this but im mad LOL

Long review.

Characters- 2/10 RUSHED & little character development Plot- 1/ 10

Let me get this straight, I didn't think this would be a good movie in the first place. I actually LIKE cheesy cliché movies, even when they're kind of bad. But this movie... this cheesy cliché movie tried to be all meaningful and it just doesn't work here. The jokes also fell flat. I only laughed ONCE.

Summed up, Cora (Debby Ryan) falls down the stairs & has her photo taken by the paparazzi. She's so embarrassed that she moves in with her aunt in Australia. This is where she meets Chika and the love interest... I don't even remember his name and I just watched it lol.

Every moment Cora has with her family or new friends is in a montage so you don't really feel the connections or chemistry that well. There were like, SEVEN, LONG MONTAGES.

It got to the point when the characters hung out I'd be like "I swear to god if this turns into a montage... oh, another mONTAGE. WHO KNEW"

The whole movie dragged & a lot of the character bonding happened in montages so when conflict happened, I didn't really care. Plus, all the conflict was solved almost instantly.

And, Cora was a B**ch. She was a hypocrite and she was mean to EVERYONE who helped her. She was mean to her aunt for no real reason! Her aunt was all "do what makes u happy" and Cora's all "u don't even swim bc ur husband died" like wtf LMAO

(I think that was just because lazy writing. They needed more conflict so they had to make Cora start some.)

Also, she was instantly forgiven every time she apologized. She wasn't held accountable for what she did.

Cora is supposed to be a strong individual trying to find herself but she's not. I honestly would hate to be friends with her LOL. She's everything I try NOT to be.

The plot was soooo messy. Besides the slow pacing and meaningless montages, there were TWO climaxes, one right after the other. It just felt rushed and weird. NOT TO MENTON, that the middle climax was waaaayyyyy to close to the last two climaxes.

I also didn't care for the aunt mourning over her dead husband subplot lol.

Near the end, the mom had a redemption arc and she needed one but it was SO rushed. There wasn't enough character development for the mom to suddenly be a caring mother!

I'd like to think that kids would enjoy this film, but I'd be lying. I don't think a child could sit through this. It was slow, boring, and predictable.

Rip Tide sucked.

Reviewed by christinabossen 1 / 10

The story makes No sense

The storyline makes no sense. There are Way to many different storylines, and the characters relationsships are not at all explored properly, so the chemistry is non-existing. It is by far the worst film I have ever seen. The progress of the film made me angry.

Reviewed by alllieemcm 6 / 10

my first review

Keep in mind that this is m first review and i english is not my first language. This movie, in my opinion, is not that good and there is so much that i didn't like it but most of it it was Cora, the lead actress. I actually like her and i don't know if it was just me but i didn't feel the chemestry during the movie, whoerever with her mother, aunt or the boy she liked. But maybe i'm wrong. Most of the movie she is posing for the camera and i feel like its a typical disney cliché (and i don't even know if this is a disney movie). Overall, i didn't feel like it was a bad movie or something like that but in my opinion is not that great either. You will find yourself picking your phone and scrolling through instragam, for example, while the movie is on and some parts i find it cringe. Maybe im just a bad reviewer but this is not worth more than 6 stars.

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