Red Sparrow


Drama / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 47%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 54%
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Joel Edgerton as Nate Nash
Mary-Louise Parker as Stephanie Boucher
Matthias Schoenaerts as Vanya Egorov
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kz917-1 8 / 10

With family like this, who needs enemies...

Wow. Great film. Intriguing until the very end.

Adult themes, so 18 and up would be best.

Allegedly part of a trilogy. I look forward to more movies exploring some of the same characters.

Reviewed by BiiivAL 3 / 10

Whatever Hollywood was shooting about the post-Soviet space, it still produces a frenzy in the fur hat.

Whatever Hollywood was shooting about the post-Soviet space, it still produces a frenzy in the fur hat.

Oscar-winning Jennifer Lawrence, enlisting the patronage of Francis Lawrence (the namesake and, in combination, the creator of the "Hunger Games"), went the hard way atomic Charlize Theron - blondes on the secret service.

In contrast to the prototype, "Red Sparrow" is based on the literary source - the novel of the same name of 2013 by Jason Matthews. A brief description of the people who read it is "50 shades of kingsman", ie deviant sex performed by agents of special services in execution. In principle, in this literature there is nothing seditious, if you take it simply as a trash banter.

So. Somewhere our days. Ballet. The Bolshoi Theatre). In it - a well-fed prima ballerina (Lawrence). Her uncle is an agent (not secret, everyone knows this). Cold. The gray. Vodka. Angular faces. Thick Brezhnev eyebrows. Russia.

One day, Primus Lawrence breaks his leg and finishes with a ballet (a curious spectator is surprised how she has not broken with such wide flops before). Uncle arranges a niece in a secret school of special agents. There, the Gestapo-style of Matron (the character's name), which by forcible viewing of pornography and through public sex scenes, makes "sparrows" from recruits that extract information using their attractive appearance and honed oral caresses.

Traditionally, the bloody ke-ge-ba confronts their hatched ts-re-y. The agents of the latter fetch the enemy a mile away and put them in their bed with one stack of bristles. And then the traditional fun begins "find the mole".

In short, the court handed down a typical secret service and special agent detective, abundantly flavored with erotic scenes. Attentive to detail, the viewer can calculate "mole" by the middle of the film already. After that you can relax and view the tape through the prism of a light comedy genre.

The director did not dare to quote the novel verbatim, but the opaque half-notes very intelligently convey his spirit. "Red Sparrow", entangled in the cloaks of the Cold War cliché, is filled with vivid stereotyped ideas about the post-Soviet countries. But its most important disadvantage is in deliberate seriousness. Took part in the adaptation of the semi-pornographic trash, Francis Lawrence did not find the courage to "ease" his work and add to it a fraction, say, "Johnny English." Instead, all two hours the stone faces of Jennifer's companions in one breath are sipping traditional soup from tovarish, babushka, balalaika, matushka rossija.

Like the "Hunger Games" with "Mother", the story of "sparrow" revolves around the main character and allegedly demonstrates the girl's path from the ballerina to the special agent, through hard work on herself in the name of a high goal - mother's help. But it seems that Jennifer Lawrence is exhausted on the "Mother" site and has not yet gained her best form. Her character, with one face for all occasions, acts without an emotional tear and does not cause any sympathy. In this film, she is a face from the window, that her forms attract the passing spectator. But the feel of its shape is false, and it itself is made of plastic. Well-made mannequin.

In a word, "Red Sparrow" is a typical Hollywood cranberry about post-USSR. Recommended for viewing all nostalgic for the "Red Heat" and Schwarzenegger "Hooligans!".

Exclusively with the purpose of banter.

Reviewed by socrates99 5 / 10

This is a badly conceived project with few redeeming aspects

Though I'm a fan of Ms Lawrence and wouldn't fault her performance all that much, this film's attempt to portray Russia as the home of overly cruel spymasters doesn't ring very true to me. It smells of over-the-top propaganda hoping to cast Russia as some soulless country without moral compass. If the US were given this treatment, we would all see through the overwrought bias. But as Russia is in the news, we tend to tolerate this kind of hyperbole.

At the start I really couldn't picture Ms Lawrence as a Russian for some reason. But she does a fairly good job of bringing her role to life, despite a lame accent. Quickly, however, I started to wish I had read the book first. There's a buildup and then a middle act that the director pretty much bungles. The problem is Red Sparrow's psyche is not well delineated during a crucial time in the story. All the plot elements are there but they're deliberately not gathered together. Why, I have no idea, as the story might have been much more compelling if played out under better direction. But then that might have been how the book does it.

Anyway, I was sorry to have missed Bruce Willis' new movie by the time it was over. It was also opening this weekend. Red Sparrow didn't work for me on several levels but I doubt Ms Lawrence's career takes much of a hit.

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