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Mahershala Ali as Mombasa
Topher Grace as Edwin
Adrien Brody as Royce
Walton Goggins as Stans
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cinemajesty 6 / 10

A New Science-Fiction Monster Ride

Movie Review: "Predators" (2010)

This picture directed by Nimród Antal, known for independent underground thriller "Kontroll" (2003), comes along as an life-infusion visionary to a believed dead science-fiction character "The Predator". Excellently cast against type-ratings with actor Adrien Brody as hard-boiled mercenary Royce, actress Alice Braga performing as seemingly fragile, but highly knowledgeable and resistant character of Isabelle and Laurence Fishburne in a supporting role of foreign planet's hermit Noland, who shares rank orders in the tribe of inhabited Predators; living on a jungle environmental planet, where a group of heavy randomly armed people gets thrown into, after a major accelerating skyfall, seemingly under surveillance with reminiscences of the low-budget feature "Cube" (1997) directed by Vincenzo Natali, which gets closely followed by editor Dan Zimmerman to 100 minutes of death-trapping science-fiction action, which has decent, at times thrilling action scenes to entertain throughout without making use of an talented cast in terms of heavy beating character conflicts to be remember in awe.

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Reviewed by jackcwelch23 7 / 10

A pedal to the medal action thriller

Inevitably this movie couldn't come close to the original in terms of sheer impact. It is, however, such an improvement over the other dreadful sequels that it deserves merit simply for that. Adrien Brody is solid in an against type role, and carries himself well. Every other character had the potential to be interesting but was not explored enough, especially Laurence Fishburne. The action was seriously well done, with flashes of the visceral energy that this series desperately needed. Should have been about half an hour longer to flesh out the characters and maybe have a few more plot twists but as a straightforward, entertaining and visually appealing sci-fi actioner it works. Will not go down as a classic but will always be worth watching when in the mood for an adrenaline rush.

Reviewed by UK Shaun 3 / 10

I fell asleep at one point for about 10 minutes

Predators (2010)

Spotted this sitting on a shop shelve, on offer for only £2 and that for the Blu-ray! - Cool! Remembering back to the excellent original, thought I'd give it a try without knowing anything about it, other than it contains Predators and staring Adrien Brody, who is a good actor, in my book at least.

I won't waste time filling you in on the story, needless to say, Predators fails to compare to the original Predator from 1987. The original saw a team of commandos enter a jungle and being hunted. It felt good, there was suspense. When the Predator shows up, they used a new original effect that looked like something made from water - you knew it was there, whatever it was, but couldn't quite work out what it was, but sure as hell wanted to know! Arnold Schwarzenegger suited the role perfectly.

Predators on the other hand, sees various people falling from the sky, parachutes breaking their fall. They have to workout what's going on, and where is this strange jungle-like place? Adrien Brody does his best to work with the script, while the support cast act like wood. The group are attacked by a pack of weird CGI Predator dog creatures. Guns are a blazing. The group locate a camp set up by a Predator, which looks like a carefully arrange area on a film set. Not convincing. Some of the group meet their end. Some fighting happens between man and Predator. That's really all there is to it. Soulless.

I fell asleep at one point for about 10 minutes. None of cast managed to convey the terrifying predicament they were in. They acted like they were on an action safari. I'm a celebrity, get me out of here, I've had enough! Even towards the end, the Predator failed to look and act as well as the Predator from the 1987 film. I wouldn't recommend Predators to anyone.

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