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Christian Bale as Thomas
Mel Gibson as John Smith
Linda Hunt as Grandmother Willow
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Smoreni Zmaj 5 / 10

Cute, but forgettable

A very nice story with a lot of potential that this film wasted. The first half of the movie is slow-paced and boring, while everything is happening in the second half, so the story is quick and undeveloped. I have the impression that I've watched an introductory episode of a series rather than a complete rounded movie. Song "Colors of the Wind" may have earned the Oscar that year (I do not know what was its competition), but music as a whole is below Disney's level. There aren't any catchy songs that once you've heard them you'll never forget. I finished this movie about 15 minutes ago and I already can't remember any of them. All in all, cute but forgettable.


Reviewed by Jesper Brun 5 / 10

Hunchback did what Pocahontas missed.

Pocahontas is not a wildly exciting movie, on the contrary it is quite dull.

I have watched it many times and the only memorable things about it was the background artwork and "Colors of the Wind". Those two things were amazing, but I found the most of the characters overly boring and the plot overly predictable. The character designs were also a displeasing expirience.

I admit it was nice seeing Disney do more adult themes, but when it is done this way and still trying to maintain traditions of the company it just doesn't get real. Don't get me started on the history aspect of it, it really sucks.

And my number one complaint about Pocahontas. Ratcliffe is one of the blandest and most "constructed" villains in any Disney movie, period. He is a greedy white guy who just wants gold, gold, gold! And his characters design has everything unlikable about him and not in a fun or intimidating way like Disney has done before, but more like a parody.

And what happened to our main character's design? Is Pocahontas' design the inspiration to the Bratz dolls if anybody remembers? I don't know, it was just too much.

I do not get why this movie won the academy award for best music, because aside from Colors... the songs are either stupid (Svages) or forgettable (the rest). In my opinion the songs and the music made for Hunchback deserved an academy award far more than Pocahontas.

Pocahontas and Hercules are the weakest movies of the Disney Renaissance, but Hercules at least offered us some fun and a great villain which Pocahontas didn't.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 6 / 10

Disney history

It's 1607 London. Governor Ratcliffe leads an expedition looking to find a mountain of gold in exploiting the new world. Swashbuckling ship captain John Smith (Mel Gibson) encounters native princess Pocahontas and they fall in love. The two sides are on a collision course to war and only the two lovers can stop it.

History as Disney princess drama can be dangerous territories. This one papers over some stuff leaving a questionable rendering from a kiddie history book. Ratcliffe is imbued with all the cartoon villainy. John Smith is the square jawed soldier with limited charisma and Pocahontas is the perfect heroine. The English side is not that compelling. It's too broad and too Disney. I find the native side much more compelling. It would serve the movie well to concentrate more on their point of view. It doesn't need the scenes from the English side. This does have the great song Colors of the Wind by Vanessa Williams as is in the Disney tradition. This is more Disney than history lesson. That's the only concern I have with this movie. Kids wouldn't understand the liberties taken with facts and adult wouldn't find this that compelling.

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