Patient Zero


Action / Drama / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 88%
IMDb Rating 4.2 10 2969


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Natalie Dormer as Dr. Gina Rose
Stanley Tucci as The Professor
Matt Smith as Morgan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by HerbsReviews 1 / 10

Should have never been released

I've had this movie down on my watchlist for a while now- never knowing why it hadn't been released... till I saw it. Whatever it cost to make this movie- you can tell it all went into paying the cast- the rest looked like it was done by a few college kids as a summer project. Everything about Patient Zero is cheap: the set is cheap (the movie taking place entirely in a dimly lit underground warehouse), the zombies look cheap (splash on yellow contacts with some fake blood), and worst of all: the script. There was no point at all to this film- I wish I had stopped at the opening credits because all you needed to know was there. What happens next is 70 minutes of cheesy dialogue with the fakest American accents and the poorest acting Zombies and Humans, only to have ended with an even more cheesy ending. Save yourself the watch and watch 28 Days- much better.

Reviewed by hampersnow-28905 1 / 10

Shelved for a few years and should have stayed there

After watching this travesty of a film I did a little research online and this movie was shot back in 2015 and is so bad Sony shelved it. That is all you really need to know, because it should never have left the shelf. How they managed to get some fairly decent actors to star in this can only be explained by an actor's need to eat and pay bills too. There is barely a plot or story, It looks like it was made for TV and not quality TV, but something children might watch in the afternoon. It's one of those movies where there is no budget to film the good and exciting stuff , so much of what has happened is told in voice over , over the opening credits. There is no caring for the characters because there is no build-up. Matt Smith, who is British , tries to do an American accent but just sounds like there are marbles in his mouth. He is awful and Stanley Tucci is just embarrassing himself. I love movies that are so bad they are good, but this is just boring and stupid and I had to struggle to stay awake. Some movies should never see the light of day. Couldn't Sony have taken it as a tax write off and saved me 90 minutes ?

Reviewed by leftmefordead 1 / 10

Patient suicide

Well.. If this film is good for anything. It's making you want to drink the chemicals under the sink. There is quite literally a couple scenes where the main actors are on screen, there is dialogue being said.. and there mouths are not moving... In Once scene, game of science chick is hugging/kissing the back of Junior who. and they're dubbing over this action with her saying some garbage melodrama dialogue. here mouth clearly busy mashed up against his back in some sort of kiss face mush and not talking. Im not kidding, ive never noticed so clearly in any film a consistent progression from starting mediocre, to the middle being b-grade, to getting down to neil brine levels by the end of it. Was it done on purpose? Not sure. What im sure of is Stanly tucci needs to fire his agent.

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