Office Uprising


Action / Comedy / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 89%
IMDb Rating 6.7 10 3925


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by AudioFileZ 7 / 10

Unexpectedly Entertaining

Twisted humorous zombie flick. That's really all you need to know. Lots of B-Grade zombie stuff that when cooked up just right comes out better than expected. This is kind of like taking Office Space style workplace lampooning to a much more ridiculous level. Brenton Thwites as the young office slacker hits it long here. It moves pretty quickly past the usual setup of merging with that magic downsizing. Just a stupid romp that ends up scoring. Also worth noting: the talented Zachary Levi gets his screen time to show how whack he can reach playing control obsessive accountant A Nusbaum gone power mad.

Reviewed by Omar305baby 9 / 10

Funnier as it goes on

We really enjoyed this film. It wasn't all just gore and action like other zombie movies it had a few plot twists and turns that kept me interested. A fun watch with your friends and family for sure. It got funnier and better as the movie went on.

Reviewed by James Graham 6 / 10

Should have been a comedy

This film tells story of an office worker for a weapons manufacturer, whose co-workers are turned into zombies by an energy drink.

The film actually starts out not too bad and quite funny. However once the horror/zombie bit comes in, it falls apart. The horror effects are good. Plenty of blood and gore but it gets a bit dull. Some of the effects are pretty poor. The jokes fall flat. There is little action. Its not really that scary or gory.

Although it was well acted, I had no connection to the characters. I really didn't care by the end what happened to them.

It is a shame as there is some great acting and the first bit of the film shows promise. It would probably been better if it had been kept as a straight office comedy rather than trying to make it a horror.

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