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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Kaptain Bluddflagg 2 / 10

Very Problematic

This is nothing more than the cynical attempt of a D-list actress to profit from various social issues. If it wasn't a one person show I would take it seriously, and might even believe that the intentions behind it were sincere, but as it is I think this was done to bolster Anna Deavere Smith's brand rather than out of a genuine desire to affect a positive change, or to bring awareness to issues.There are SO MANY talented artists who could have made a meaningful contribution through this as well, that it honestly reeks of narcissistic self-indulgence on the part of Smith to perform it solo.

Reviewed by jrneptune 6 / 10

Anna's moment to shine bright

Written by and starring Anna Deavere Smith, who wrote also wrote and starred in the Off Broadway New York Play, which the movie is adapted from. Anna is usually a supporting actor on film but a very accomplished actress on stage.

Although the focus is about the 17 presentations discussing racism, inequality, the justice system, the prison system, and a whole lot more I really felt it was more about Anna getting the chance to show her amazing range and it begs the question why hasn't she had the chance for a lead role in a great move before.

I would bet we will be seeing more of her in bigger roles soon.

Reviewed by mssusanmarie 10 / 10


Thank God for Anna Deavere Smith. Her work should be seen by everyone everywhere. From my lips to God's ears, amen.

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