No Good Heroes


Action / Comedy / Drama / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

IMDb Rating 3.4 10 170


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sleeponsky2001 6 / 10

qikfingers-71367 AGREED!

I think if this movie had a bigger budget it would have been a box office movie..

Reviewed by qikfingers-71367 8 / 10

Enjoyable B Movie Popcorn Flick

"No Good Heroes" is never going to be an Oscar winning film but it never tries to be. For a quirky low budget Sci-fi thriller, its goal is to entertain and captivate. Is there a good story with engaging characters? Yes. Is it watchable? Yes. Is it fun? Yes. Will it hold your attention? Yes? Is it suspenseful? Yes. Does it have a sense of humor? Yes it does. So relax with "Heroes." Kick back. Make some popcorn. Enjoy the show.

Reviewed by DeafAlien2012 5 / 10

It could have been a solid horror/sci-fi film if done right.

1. Bad acting. (I laughed at the boy's horrendous woody acting at the beginning) 2. Semi-bad directing. 3. Not too bad alien makeup and CGI (CGI near the end). Though they need improving. 4. Pretty decent story line.

The dinner scene reminded me of that dinner scene in the movie, "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre". I was thinking they should have hyped that scene up. Come to think about it, it could have been "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" with an alien twist.

With right directing, good acting and perhaps an improved story line, it would have made this a solid horror/sci-fi film.

Like someone said, it's probably a good popcorn movie, especially with friends to laugh at it.


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