No Good Deed


Action / Crime / Drama / Music / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 27%
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Emily VanCamp as Connie
Samuel L. Jackson as Jack Friar
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Nadine Salakov 4 / 10

It isn't all that.

"Jack Friar" (Samuel L. Jackson) is a police detective who gets held hostage, the criminals who have him hostage are in the process of going to rob a bank, while they're out - one of the members of the group "Erin" (Milla Jovovich) is told to watch "Jack".

The majority of this movie is about the chemistry between "Jack" and "Erin", the overall film is slow-paced and doesn't go anywhere, when it does seem to have more to the story line the movie ends.

The main focus is on who "Erin" really is as a person, she acts like she is into "Jack", but "Jack" (being a police detective, who can suss people out) isn't sure whether "Erin" is really into him or if she's just trying to manipulate him, she knows that they'll have to let him go eventually and she needs to make sure that she doesn't get arrested.

The last part of the movie from when they eventually leave the house and get in the car is the most interesting, the very end scene is actually a clever part of the film, it is a kind of plot twist, you genuinely don't expect it to play out like it does.

If you're looking for something to watch that doesn't require much thinking or if you're looking for something to just be on in the background while you're taking a nap, then you should check this movie out.

Reviewed by stephenabell 4 / 10

Indeed, No Good Deed.

This film is based on a Dashiell Hammett short story "The House On Turk Street". I've not had the pleasure of reading the Hammett story so I cannot make any comment on the adaptation into film. Though the story, particularly the "Bank Heist" is so convoluted I cannot believe the film is more than loosely based on the story.

What the screenplay writers, Christoper Canaan and Steve Barancik, give us is a tangled and twisted plot that verges on laughable. There's too much going on and too much characterisation. I usually moan of not enough characterisation in a film but here, most of the cast has a distinctive character to portray.

You have Samuel L Jackson portraying policeman Jack Friar who plays the cello to relax. Though he has a vacation planned at a cello camp, he stays to help his neighbour whose daughter has gone missing. During his investigation, he is knocked unconscious only to awaken in a house tied to a chair. Jackson gives a decent performance of a man in trouble, he's scared as well as curious, trying to figure out what is happening.

Milla Jovovich is the proverbial gangster's moll, Erin, who is used to being used and abused by the gangs boss, Tyrone. She does a great job of putting over her nervousness when she's around Tyrone, as he's a calculating and manipulative psychopath, and a more sisterly act when she has to calm down Hoop the hothead loose cannon.

Stellan Skarsgard is the head of the gang, Tyrone, and he gives a cool and calm performance, though you know there's a dangerous man under the suit.

Hoop is maniacally played by Doug Hutchinson. Hoop wants to act NOW and hates to be still and is easy to anger.

Joss Ackland and Grace Zabriskie play the married couple, Mr and Mrs Quarre, who have been brought in as the getaway pilots. They do a brilliant job of making the marriage believable. Ackland does a great Grumpy Old Man and Zabriskie portrays a mother-like quality in concern to the gang.

With these six characters in close proximity for most of the film, their actions and counteractions are just too much for the runtime, 1 hour 43 minutes, of the movie, to the point where it appears messy and rushed; even more so, when more twists to the tale start to be revealed.

On the whole, director Bob Rafelson does a decent job, there are quite a few nice shots, I particularly like the scene where Jack and Erin play the piano and the cello. I think if the film was about a half hour longer it might have given the film a better pacing to cope with everything.

This is one of those movies I would recommend to people who like the genre. So if you want to see a Dashiell Hammett story in film; if you like bank heist movies; or anybody in the cast; then this film is worth at least one viewing... if you have nothing else to watch.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 4 / 10

A good cast wasted

I didn't think much of this cheap, B-movie thriller which takes a story by famed pulp writer Dashiell Hammett as its inspiration. It's a typical hostage/bank robbers style story featuring a decent cast of seasoned faces who get wasted amid way too diluted thrills and spills, one-dimensional characterisation, and overly choreographed join-the-dots narration.

The caricatures who make up the bank robbers in this film are really quite laughable. We get Joss Ackland and Stellan Skarsgard slumming it as the old timers, Doug Hutchison reprising his psycho schtick from THE GREEN MILE, and Milla Jovovich going through the motions as the supposed alluring femme fatale. Samuel L. Jackson is the most fun actor here, but he basically spends the majority of the film tied to a chair and has little to work with. His hostage film THE NEGOTIATOR was ten times better.

The most criminal thing about NO GOOD DEED isn't the robberies carried out by the protagonists but the fact that it's boring. Crime thrillers should never be dull but this one never raises the interest for a moment. Although one of the screenwriters did THE LAST SEDUCTION, the other worked on WALKER, Texas RANGER and this does feel like a cheap TV movie. Poor old director Bob Rafelson must be feeling like his days of doing THE POSTMAN RINGS TWICE and BLACK WIDOW are long in the past.

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