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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Spike Phoenix (spikephoenix) 1 / 10

The usual garbage

Now dont' get me wrong, I love low budget films but I only love them when they try. This "film" was just painful to watch, the acting was wooden, you could tell several of the cast were reading from a script just off screen. The writing was atrocious, like Asylum movies bad - This could have been good but it felt beyond lazy. I would have given this tripe 2 stars but all the fake reviews on here from cast and crew soured me on that and I feel I have to give it the one star it deserves - one to avoid.

Reviewed by candeecanegirl 10 / 10

We liked it.

I have been trying to find a horror film that I could watch with my little sister who is 17. She doesn't like scary movies, but she enjoyed this one even though she covered her eyes several times. Scary enough for people like me too who love horror movies. We enjoyed it.

Reviewed by verynicebones 1 / 10


I feel like no one has the heart to down such a low budget movie .One: No one has watched it other than their friends and family. And, there really isn't another reason. No one watches these unless they're making fun of them (if you can watch them, that is .Their blurays don't work and their DVDs are 15$. Laughable.) The cinematography is terrible .If you're using a Black Magic, it should not look like you're using an Android phone. It's grainy and not in an "aesthetic" way. The acting is atrocious in a high school play kind of bad. The protagonist/director has no self-awareness whatsoever. I mean, it is pretty obvious the only review for this movie is from someome highly involved with the film, if not the creator himself. I predicted the story from the first ten minutes and my god, the werewolf. I get it. Low budget. Terrible story. Laughable acting .And cinematography so bad, it's upsetting. 1/10. Just don't .

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