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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by CaZSuede-2 7 / 10

There is something here, brought down by an annoying lead.

There is something compelling about making a movie that observes Man's ever more reliance of machinery to find joy and meaning into their lives. Mai's mother uses it to forget about her husband, others use it to enhance their entertainment factor or as a way to impress others.

The world building is pretty good, especially how robotics weaves itself into the future USA. As a marketer, I feel bad that we are going to bombard people with branding 24/7 to get them to buy our products.

This could have been a fantastic film if it weren't for such an self centered main character, who plays a selfish, petulant child nearly throughout the whole movie, treating her "friend" as a machine, blaming him and throwing guilt on it when it only has good intentions. There is something rotten about her soul, as she never learns her lessons from the pain she inflicts, whether it is being mean to her mom and causing a bully to cry, through most of the movie.

The robot character, 7723, is a much more compelling (although it is a low bar) character, someone learning human emotions but is a robot, similar to the Iron Giant, but he as long as he plays subservient to it's master Mai, it's growth is limited.

The movie somewhat redeems itself at the end. It could have taken the easy, Disney ending, but it took a bit of a smarter move, in the vein of The Iron Giant. It also helped redeem the annoying Mai who has to change from the role of taker to provider. However, by the time she learns her lesson, it is too late.

Reviewed by d3daniel19 6 / 10

Great visuals but story and characters fall short

The visual finish on this movie is close to on par with recent animated blockbuster films which is a great achievement.

Unfortunately I feel like it was held back by some questionable choices of voice actors (that didn't seem to match the characters), low quality voice acting and a story that doesn't really make you care about the characters enough to worry about what is happening on screen.

So all in all a great effort, with some notable downsides.

Reviewed by hongounan 10 / 10

Really cool movie

I think its not for everyone, the rage of Mai, how her mother treated her for the first hour of the movie. I guess these viewers don't have any idea what's it like to be raised up with absence of your father's love.

This is about the story of a messed up kid regain trust of the world, ironically from a AI robot which is probably only 2 months old.

The big fight towards the finale is super awesome, two robot fighting up in the sky, with laser cannons and such a sad and calm light music for contrast. This is the Dream!

I loved it.

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