My Teacher, My Obsession


Drama / Thriller

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Rusty Joiner as Chris
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by poodlepoop-1 1 / 10

This should be a cult Classic!

LOLOL! Awful LOLOL! Must have been written by a 14 year old C student! Sooo much is wrong with the story. A mentally handicapped English lit teacher is pretty unique though.(no one is that stupid) If Rusty Joiner wasn't so incredibly hot I wouldn't have gotten past the first ten minutes. However, I do think the three main actors were pretty good. Especially considering the crap they had to work with. I've been telling everyone to watch it, because of how unbelievably bad the story is!

Reviewed by mxsuba26 8 / 10

Vamps, Tramps and Dunces.

Quite entertaining! What we have here is a tale of four women and one obtuse male. Single dad and high school teacher Chris, moves to new city with daughter Riley to start over after bad divorce. Chris is a well buffed out 40 something complete with soft low non-threatening voice and three day growth of beard. After moving into very expensive house complete with in-ground pool (HS teachers obviously make mucho dinero in this town), he begins his new teaching gig complete with Riley in his class along with the school tart - Tricia - and the school stalker/aspiring goth - Kyla who is also the yearbook photographer and has a history of seducing teachers. Kyla straight dark hair, fair skin and low monotone voice help complete her character as the class crazy. Interestingly, Kyla totes around a 1960s vintage Nikon F camera for her yearbook duties rather than modern digital one. However, the massive heft of this old steel Nikon becomes useful in the films climax. Then it gets good!

Kyla and Tricia immediately get him in their sights for seduction. Kyla quickly eliminates all the sexual and familial competition for Chris including that of her own quite attractive mother who is also interested in the studly but dim witted teacher. Many of Kyla's attempts to manipulate Chris and her mom are so clumsy and obvious that anyone with a IQ above room temperature would see through them. However Chris and her mom fall for them each time. Chris almost falls into her web of sexual energy several times only to back off at the very last second. Without giving away the plot, its a pretty entertaining movie. Good to have a couple of drinks and a few laughs over.

Reviewed by mab_bit 10 / 10

Rusty Joiner is great

Only reason to see this movie is Rusty Joiner. He was superb. But as a fan I wanted more skin show from him. He has an amazing sex appeal. This film is raw & seductive. Wanna see more from Rusty.

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