My Big Fat Greek Wedding


Action / Comedy / Drama / Family / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 76%
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Nia Vardalos as Toula Portokalos
John Corbett as Ian Miller
Lainie Kazan as Maria Portokalos
Andrea Martin as Aunt Voula
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by STRANDMAN 10 / 10

A Greek "All in the Family" Great fun!

If you're of Greek descent like me, then you'll appreciate and relate to the very funny (but exaggerated) tendencies and idiosyncrasies of the Greek Portokalos family. Nia Vardalos plays the bride-to-be. John Corbett the groom-to-be. She's Greek, he's not. That's where the fun begins as Michael Constantine her father is not happy her daughter is marrying a "stranger"(a non-Greek). Constantine shines as he portrays a very protective, caring, loving father. The movie was superbly cast. The movie is of light fare, great for the entire family. Can't help to think that this would have made a great TV series. Sort of a Greek "All in the family". I understand a sequel is already planned titled "My Big Fat Greek Baby". If you're Greek, go and laugh at my family, your family, our family. If you're not, go and just laugh at us. Great fun!

Reviewed by m-ozfirat 2 / 10

Wooden Comedy

First of all the film is intended to be an ethnic comedy when in my view it would of worked better if it was a marital comedy with the bride being Greek that could of made the jokes especially the ones based on stereotypes more rich and intelligent and more in its context.

Stereotypes work well in ethnic style comedies so long as they do not transcend in to the political as do most films about the Middle East especially in regards to Palestine in this film we hear lines such as "blood thirsty Turks" and "Is Armenia close to Greece" .

The cultural elements in the film are also politically motivated "the greatest civilisation" and "our house is surrounded by the gods" how can an immigrant coming from a rural family be a classicist and secondly Modern Greece so called Hellas is only a recent construct prior to that they did not identify with antiquity but nationally saw themselves as Romanians just as how present day Egyptians see themselves as Arabs.

The film is also a unilateral take on culture were by Greeks and Eastern Orthodox along with the Roman West are the same people with a belief in democracy that started in Greece which is why the wedding takes place in an orthodox Church. It would of been better if both these identities were represented in a non-politcal manner.

Overall the only good thing about this film is the cast the characters are one dimensional and is poorly constructed with more emphasis in my view of a political agenda rather then a comical film an a hollywood trait that some ethnic and cultural groups are more favoured and exclusive then others.

Reviewed by yildirimbusra 7 / 10

My opinions about the movie

*** This review contains spoilers ***

My Big Fat Greek Wedding Review There is a big family who lives in Chicago even though they all are brought up to be strictly Greek. Father of the family is Gus which is very racist of Greek and her daughter and other members of the family are Voula, Yiayia, Maria, Nick Portokalos living the same home together. Our main character Toula Portokalas is a woman who is 30 years and not married yet. She lives in America but grows in the totally Greek family. Her father is so Greek that he can even turn 'kimono' means into Greek version. Toula has a brother and sister. Her sister is a traditional Greek woman who has many kids and a Greek husband, on the other hand, Toula hasn't. Her parents want her to marry with Greek man and has kids as far as possible like her sister, but she is little bit introverted and shy person until she meets with Ian Miller who is an American man Miller Ian. Miller Ian's life and background are a little bit different from Toula's. He has very small and separated family when I compare with the Greek family. His parents are not obsessive of racism or religion. Also, Miller does not care about Toula at the beginning of the movie because of her strange appearance and altitude but later Toula starts to be a real woman then she grabs Miller's attention. When they are together I observed that different background and lifestyle of Toula makes her attractive and irresistible to Miller. The more they date the more they get closer which means Families need to meet but Greek family and American family are totally different from each other. Thus, Toula and Miller have a really difficult job in terms of cultures conflict. Taula was going to introduce Miller to her family but one relative sees them together in the car while they are kissing. Then all family hear it and come home. Taula's father gets mad that Miller is not a Greek man and does not accept him as a groom. After that day, Family starts to look for different grooms but Taula still loves Miller so much and Miller introduces her to his family. She looks so nervous because Miller's parents are not talkative and lively like her parents. Also, they cannot even pronounce Taula's surname because it is so long and they are not accustomed to hearing it in their daily life but at least they respect her and accept her as a bride. Then Taula's family is persuaded because they see that her little daughter really loves Miller and wants to marry only with him. Miller, Taula, and parents come together and celebrate Easter. In this part of the film, I realized that Miller feels so happy with this strange and noisy family because he has not a family like that. After celebrity, in a short span of time they marry and Father Gus buy them a house as a wedding gift. In my opinion, 'house' is a symbol and it represents that Greek family really adopt and accept him to their big family. The movie ends like this now I want to write about culture concept in this movie. As far as I observe that Greek's daily life and expectations are the same as ours. For example, someone says 'I prepared moussaka tonight for you'. I really know that this is actually our food. This is probably because of so many interactions of two different cultures. The more Greek and Turkish cultures conflict and interact, the more our cultures get similar to each other as we observe here, on the other hand, American's culture is very different from Greek culture. The American family is a little bit calm and they don't live in big families as Greek and Turkish families. Apart from this, the structure of the family is also the same with Greek people. For example, Greek family is also crowded and depended on each other like us. They live together in the same house. Even the altitude of the mother is same. For example, Turkish mother acts as if the guest was starving even though S/he is not. This is because both cultures are welcoming to guests. It was like that in the movie. Until this movie, I have never known that Turkish and Greek cultures are close like this. Another similarity is getting married off. In Turkey, if you are mature people who have a great job, you need to marry with someone like in the movie. Until this movie, I guess that we are the only ones supporting marriage after a particular age, but I think it is good to hear other voices. Other similarities between two cultures are music. I feel like I am watching a Turkish series. Especially in the wedding ceremony, the tone is very Islamic and they say 'amin' instead of 'amen'. Also Greeks like eating meat like us that's why they feel shocked when they hear that Miller is vegetarian. I learned that Greek and Turkish cultures are so similar with the help of this movie. To sum up, people from different background and cultures can get on well with each other and people should not be prejudged. As far as I observe If you are racist and nationalist to people maybe you cannot realize and see the good part of them. As Gus says Toula can be 'Portokalos' which means orange and Miller can be 'apple' but they are all fruits.

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