Modern Life Is Rubbish


Comedy / Music / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 29%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stephanyjairah 10 / 10

Good movie

Was hesitant to watch this movie because of a 5.9 rating on IMDB. But I actually liked the movie. A must see for those couples especially those on a long term relationships. :)

Reviewed by Mister Co. 6 / 10

Nice film, not a classic, but worth a look IMO...

OK. Very few spoilers here and if there are some, they will be rather vague, so read on with confidence. ;o)

Its a romantic drama with nice performances from some likeable actors. Basically a couple of young people fall in love thanks to their passionate love of music, both a bit pretentious, then as the years go on, one of them grows up a bit and the other doesn't and it kills their relationship. And then... well, I won't tell you.

Josh Whitehouse and Freya Mavor are both excellent. Fine young actors who deserve a big break into the mainstream sometime soon. Ms Mavor is the more likeable character (Nat), though... Mr Whitehouse (Liam) is basically, an a-hole throughout much of the film, pretentious, constantly on the attack for no good reason at all and talking crap throughout... but I quite liked him because he reminded myself of ME when I was young and in a band in the 90's! Yup, I was once that guy. Aw, the follies of youth, eh...

What let me down about this film was the ending, which I won't spoil for you... let's just say it all went a bit 'Four Weddings And A Funeral'...

Oh, and Ian Hart, in his brief appearances, is superb, especially his last scene!

In summary, it's a nice enough flick (with some great tunes played throughout!) but could have been a little better... give it a go, though, eh? Hope you like it!

Reviewed by saulyb 10 / 10

Great film

Great music and great filming. Everyone can relate! A must see.

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