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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by quixotic_x 1 / 10

Don't believe the fake reviews...

This movie was simply not good. I almost could not finish, the only thing which kept me going was the hope, that in the end something comes up, what could save the movie, but it didn't. Unlikeable characters, paired with bad storytelling and absolutely no suspense - really not worth the watch.

Reviewed by billcr12 4 / 10

Tarantino Lite

The makers of Lowlife have obviously seen Reservoir Dogs. The non linear style and over the top violence are the similarities. What is missing here is Tarantino's genius. The main character is a Mexican wrestler in a Zorro mask. He has the funniest lines and they are in Spanish. The problem is the confused story line. The acting is competent but overall , Lowlife is a miss.

Reviewed by Kosmas Pachinteridis (kosmasp) 8 / 10

All the parts combined ...

If you watch this and it feels like a comic book, with different parts and different heroes, all telling their own story ... well that was the intention of the filmmakers, so you are not far off with that feeling. It may feel messy because of that at times, but it does work overall in being gritty and down and dirty.

There is one scene that got to me (and probably others) more than others in a bad way. But not because of anything the filmmakers, the actors or anyone else did. This was playing at Frightfest, which was just shortly after the Charlottesville "incident" (terrorist attack). So in the movie there is a particular line about Nazis ... and when that sentence was spoken out, I had to cringe ... loud! You wouldn't think this is something that would touch a nerve with people. It was meant as a joke, but also as truth ... but in regards to comments and statements made by a person who should be uniting people instead of dividing them ... Well let's leave it at that.

Maybe when you watch it, this won't play a role at all, maybe you'll think at that particular moment back on what happened and how crazy it is ... whatever the case, the movie is absolutely good and should not be judged in a bad light because this other individual who pretend plays to be in charge ...

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