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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by andy2324 10 / 10

Almost based on real facts ...

This movie reminds a lot of real facts happened in Mumbai... one of the prominent leader in Mumbai called for Lungi Hatao movement ( kick out Lungi wearing South Indians from Mumbai)... later him committed a lots of communal riots in Mumbai...many innocent lives were lost during this time... unfortunately Mumbai still poses same risk even today ...

Reviewed by vannacharal 10 / 10

Breaks all the stereotype! Surely a great movie to watch and cherish for years.

Director Ranjith has proved once again his way of expressing his feelings towards society for the oppressed people for thousands of years ! This movie is going to Be remembered as a one of the rajinikanth best for ever ! Loads of sumbolysim and details are scattered all over the movie ! Never seen this kind of climax ! Hats off to the entire team !

Reviewed by harineem-209-525488 8 / 10

Dont go for entertainment or political reasons just for a good movie

Kaala is a movie where I don't agree with the core philosophy of communism or glorifying a monster like Raavan but I still rate this movie as high because you don't have to agree with the director's viewpoint to appreciate a well made movie. The cast is brilliantly picked and given meaty roles, no mannequins here for item song and fashion parades, dignified ladies with a mind of their own.Rajinikanth and Nana Patekar are like wine who seem get better with age.The screen presence Rajinikanth has is unmatched by any of the heroes North or South. If you are expecting a mass entertainment movie please avoid this and if you are expecting Thalaivar to do punch dialogues/ impossible stunts, please avoid it. But if you are looking for a well made, well-acted movie with a good storyline this is really a watch.Music is a very big letdown though, "Neruppu da" seems to be a fluke by the music director.

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