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Danielle Harris as Amy Barrett
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by casablancavic 3 / 10

Inoperable is unwatchable

This is like a very very bad version of Groundhog Day.

Like a very very bad acid trip.

Like a bad bad bad hangover and like a very bad dream which you can't awake from.

First we have a 30 something year old made to look like an early 20's teen.

Then there is a beat-up hospital with almost no staff around - but when trying to escape, they just seem to be at every turn.

Then there's a hurricane thing which begins to complicate things even more...and then it just gets boring and stupid - or stupid and boring...whichever comes first.

Ahh, well - it was a free watch, so I didn't worry about the cost - and I had a day off...but I know there could have been better time spent doing nothing.

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 5 / 10

You need to get back in your room.

Amy Barret (Danielle Harris) wakes up, living a "Ground Hog's Day" episode in the hospital from hell. She allies with two people who find themselves fighting for their life against the staff. They conjecture that Cat 5 Hurricane Sybil which hit Fort Miller caused a disruption in the time line. It was interesting at first then went on to become boring and then the ending ruined everything turning this into a been there, done that type of film.

Had potential. Needed some light moments.

Guide: No swearing, sex, or nudity. Some blood and gore.

Reviewed by Woodyanders 8 / 10

No escape from the hospital from hell

Amy Barrett (an excellent performance by Danielle Harris) finds herself trapped in a mysterious hospital that's beset by a savage hurricane. If Amy doesn't find a way out of said hospital by the time the storm ends, she may be stuck in the place forever.

Director Christopher Lawrence Chapman, who also co-wrote the tricky and compelling script with Jeff Miller, relates the gripping story at a brisk pace, milks the eerily empty hospital setting for all it's worth, maintains an intriguing enigmatic atmosphere throughout, and tops things off with a few neat moments of graphic gore. Harris ably carries the film on her tiny shoulders and throws herself into her physically demanding part by running a small marathon through the hallways. Moreover, there are sound supporting contributions from Katie Keene as spunky party girl Jen Ardsen, Jeff Denton as valiant cop Ryan, Crystal Cordero as the tragic Ophelia, and Chris Hahn as a hulking orderly. Giorgio Daveed's slick, kinetic, and inventive cinematography gives this picture a burst of thrilling energy. Jonathan Price's spirited shuddery score hits the stirring spot. The elliptical "Groundhog Day"-type narrative keeps viewers on their toes right to the genuinely surprising ending. Well worth a watch.

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