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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Arun George 7 / 10

Review – Hush (2016)

'Hush' is a fast-paced modern slasher flick with a twisted take on the genre. Well, the twist here is that the lead protagonist is deaf and mute from her teens and the director-writer combo of Mike Flanagan and Kate Siegel (who also happen to be husband-wife in real life), places this character in a stuck-up situation where a killer is on the prowl and all odds are stacked against her. Questions start piling up but a good thirty minutes into the film, the viewer is given enough leads to estimate where the film is headed.

A film such as this, where the entire scenario revolves around a minimalist location, one feels inclined to applaud director Flanagan's knack for not making the film look like yet another typical home-invasion flick. The protagonist Maddie's inability to speak or hear is put to good effect in the screenplay. I won't spoil those brilliantly written and choreographed scenes in this review, because that is exactly what puts this flick a few notches above the rest in the genre. Equally inventive and enthralling are those scenes where Maddie's imaginative capability is put to test.

The cast (that comprises of just four characters, out of which the film revolves majorly around two!) is adequate as well, and lends ample support to the overall mainstay of the flick. Flanagan's directorial skills, which looked rather unimpressive in Absentia (2011), after which he made a notable Oculus (2013), has considerably improved over the years, all the while sticking to modest production expenditure. Aided in writing by his wife Kate Siegel, the couple seem poised to astonish us yet again this year in the sequel to the strictly sub- par Ouija (2014).

Hush is a pleasant surprise amongst the shitload of low-budget slasher garbage that is handed out to us every now and then. It is by all means worth a watch for thriller buffs.

Reviewed by Andrew Gold 7 / 10

Silent chiller with great acting and an excellent premise.

'Hush' is a lot like 'The Strangers', except instead of strangers plural it's only one man, and instead of a husband and wife being terrorized it's a deaf and mute recluse. It's very tense and cleverly written bar a few cliché tropes that come with this kind of movie. It also has a minimal synth score, something I notice more and more horror movies are utilizing - 'You're Next', 'It Follows' - to give it an '80s classic slasher atmosphere. It's hard to even call it horror though as it offers far more thrills than actual scares. I was thoroughly satisfied watching this movie. It's constantly engaging, and that has a lot to do with the terrific performances of both the man and Maggie, and there are a few scenes that are genuinely depraved and chilling. It doesn't break any new ground, but following 'The Babadook' and 'It Follows', 'Hush' continues to reinspire the subtle, quiet corner of the genre and bodes well for the future of psychological thrillers. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by komradekontroll 3 / 10

Had Potential...Had

Maybe it says something about me, that I was able to figure out that she was deaf before the movie told me (over and over again). While that might seem insignificant at first, it sets the stage for an overly predictable movie to come.

Not even coming in at 90 minutes long, Hush (2016) still manages to move at a crawl, while offering little to chew on.

I guess I'll start with the good things. The acting is actually decent from our lead, Kate Siegel. Everyone else falls flat. This is less their fault, and more the fault of poor direction, and bad writing. The sound design is also good, but it doesn't make a movie good...

The acting from everyone else is a flat line. Our killer in question, John Gallagher Jr., could have been given more to work with, but instead he's just a killer. At times it seems he wants to be more "psychotic" but isn't given the chance.

The other actors, what few there are, are a flat line as well, with our other two actresses serving as exposition dumps (albeit, very little exposition).

The gimmick, and yes that's what it is, could have been done well in the hands of a good director. The movie wants us to believe that she can feel vibrations to sense things around her (one of the many things the movie sets up in the "first act" before our killer shows up), but we're supposed to believe that it only works some of the time? I guess she has selective feeling.

Additionally, it seems that her sense of sight is useless as well, since her peripheral vision never catches anything. Same goes for the killer at times. It's like everyone can only see directly in front of them.

As for the logic of the movie, I'm willing to give the killer a pass for not just breaking in before. He's clearly crazy to some degree, though the way he acts never truly translates just how crazy he is... Where the logic in the movie fails is how our characters deal with the situation. Maddie (Kate Siegel) makes SEVERAL errors throughout the entire movie, yet we're suppose to believe she can fight off an insane man. The killer also makes several mistakes as well. After being attacked the first time by Maddie, he should have just finished the job. After all, he's just some killer, with no connection to her whatsoever. He's killed plenty before, so why take the punches with this one? He actually acts as if he's trying to get inside at times. His motivation is simply random.

Maddie on the other hand could be written off as her being in a "panicked state". However, much like the killer being a crazy person, this is a cop out used by bad writers. Especially when you consider that she had plenty of time to think and assess the situation. Instead she keeps putting herself in situations where there is suppose to be suspense, but since you already know what's coming, there is none.

The best part of the movie is how both characters had plenty of opportunity to kill each other, but just don't do it whatsoever. The part that stuck out the most is when John (Michael Trucco), is using what life he has left, to strangle and hold down the killer. This offers plenty of opportunity for Maddie to finish the killer, but she doesn't do so.

In the end, Maddie leaves us with a smile, either because her cat decided to be dependent for once, or because she didn't care for her neighbors that much. Hmm, maybe that's the twist ending I was waiting for...Maddie planned it all along as a way to rid herself of her neighbors, legally!

Actually that might be more interesting than this movie. Anyways, avoid if you're looking for a home invasion movie with any kind of originality.

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