Hunting the Phantom


Action / Adventure / Sci-Fi

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Armand Assante as Charles Ingrim
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by abisio 7 / 10

With some editing and FX retouching it could pass as a Hollywood blockbuster

This action and FX packed movie was made in Kazakhstan; it is the first time I see a movie of that origin. I do not believe this movie had a budget that could compare to Hollywood (or a Hong Kong ) film; however the action is continuous and the digital sequences (perhaps needing some retouching) are spectacular enough.

Sadly the editing and some incomplete scenes give away the limited budget; it is far more spectacular that any recent B movie.

The acting is not that bad; but the dubbing for the American market does not help. It even has an aging Armand Assante and very beautiful Kristanna Loken doing some important but secundary parts both really correct.

A more worked script should had helped; but in any case is a B+ movie.

Reviewed by connerfray 3 / 10

Not very well done.

At first blush the plot seemed fine but it became fragmented for the remainder of the movie, the action segments were good but the story line was so fragmented it was very hard to follow and the main focus of the movie was so hit and miss you never followed what they were looking for in the first place. The story line was badly maintained keeping the viewer less intrigued throughout, I wanted more tech and less action but the tech should have been the star and it was lost to me in my humble opinion. Having watched this movie with English dubbing lost a lot of the actors emotion and plot. I would never wish to go see the film again as it seemed a waste of time and money.

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