Hunt For The Skinwalker



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Reviewed by Bounty Of Voles 4 / 10

The Archive Footage Makes It Worth Seeing

Skinwalker Ranch is an incredibly interesting topic worthy of a feature documentary. Unfortunately Hunt For The Skinwalker is a very disappointing, disjointed, and flawed attempt.

The archive footage and interviews with George Knapp are, for the most part, excellent. Anyone familiar with Knapp's work should know what to expect, and it is incredibly disappointing that relatively little of this film is made up of the video footage.

Outside of this? The director has a fascination with the most mundane aspects of the area surrounding Skinwalker Ranch: UFOs. And while UFOs may be of interest to a lot of people, the fact there are much more interesting and strange recorded aspects entirely ignored in the newer footage really lets it down.

Another thing that lets the film down is the direction and editing. The simple lack of awareness to even consider a better mic on his camera is the least of his problems. He is overstated in wanting to present himself as more than he is when he could have shown himself as a better director if he simply constructed an 80 minute film from the aforementioned archive footage. Reiterating the points made by Knapp and the archive footage repeatedly after every scene made an already badly paced and poorly edited documentary into an outright slog.

Also, Robbie Williams turns up. So there's that for anyone who wants to change some lyrics to reflect the sinister occurences, because seeing Stoke's own Robbie as a possible skinwalker is...great. 'It's time to move cows' bodies' etc.

Reviewed by torndownunit-507-429487 5 / 10

If you haven't read the book, it's worth a watch.

I can tell this project was a labour of love for the director. And for someone who hasn't read the book, this would be a good documentary to check out if you are interested in the subject. But despite the mentions early on in the film of 'how much has happened since the book was written', they barely touch on any of that. There is maybe about 10 minute of material a little past the midway point of the film that is anything new. While it's nice to actually see the property, there's plenty of ways to see it now on YouTube. Other than that, it's just endless witness stories, and really not much else. I am disappointed that I paid (and the price I paid) to see this as it doesn't remotely live up to the hype. The only reason I am giving it the rating I am is because it's a well made film, and for someone not expecting new information or wanting to read the book, it would serve as a good introduction to the topic.

Reviewed by bucket2004 9 / 10

More Informed now.

I came to this documentary from the point of not having any knowledge on the subject of skinwalker. I had heard of Geroge Knapp, but that was about it. I am so glad i watched this. Totally enjoyed and was educated on the subject. Is this a totally perfect documentary . Answer No. Is this a near perfect documentary on this subject. Answer Yes. Because i know far more about the subject than before I started watching this. Which is what a documentary should do, inform.

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