Hou lai de wo men


Drama / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by songzhen_neu 10 / 10

A movie I loved so much

This is a greatest romance movie I have watched of China. Since about 16 years ago, I have known the famous actress Rene Liu, and I watched her soap opera called Pink Lady. She is also a great singer. I always think Rene has a sharp sight on relationship among people. She can notice some details which most people are easy to ignore. Us and Them showed that.

Reviewed by nicklaus-463-394773 9 / 10

A Raw and Beautiful Love Story

This tale of love encompasses only the entire world immmediately surrounding Jing Boran and Zhou Dongyu and it is a tale that is raw, honest and so real. Woven around this story however is a Beijing so beautiful it will enrapture you. All its surrounding nature however only emphasises how lonely one can be in a big city. The story flits back and forth over about 8 years and as much as you see the couple as they are currently, their story from a few years ago seems to always have you rooting for them to succeed and embrace the love that so palpable you can reach out and touch it. It is a tough tale to tell and it is both personal and seemingly perpetually painful. There is a line in a letter that is read towards the end that says it is very difficult for two people to live together forever. If only it were not so often true.

Reviewed by tanzuhao 10 / 10

Best Romance Movie Ever - prepare tissue for your tears.

I suppose many people living in big cities could relate to the movie.

The initial bitterlove was sweet. Despite the financial difficulties, the fact that the two genuinely love and care for each other and that they share the aim of pursuing better future is comforting. But it doesn't last long when the reality hits, especially when the boy is still a boy. He is lost. He forgets what the girl really wants. She doesn't really want a house. She just wants a home.

This movie also tells about parents' perspective as regards their son's relationship. The father part is extremely touching and emotional. That makes this movie stand out from other typical romance movie. A must watch.

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