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Zoë Kravitz as Heather Anderson
Lola Kirke as Jill LeBeau
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Dave McClain 4 / 10

somewhat intriguing, but sometimes silly

"Gemini" (R, 1:33) is a mystery thriller that explores the down-side of celebrity and does so in a darkly comedic and insightful way, packaging it all in a semi-serious who-dun-it. The movie is directed and written by Aaron Katz ("Land Ho!", "Cold Weather", "Quiet City") and stars Zoë Kravitz as a Hollywood starlet, Lola Kirke as her personal assistant and John Cho as a detective investigating a murder.

Heather Anderson (Kravitz) is a movie star, but she doesn't seem very happy about it. She has decided that she doesn't feel like doing a movie about which she is about to have a meeting in a restaurant. She sends Jill (Kirke), her assistant and best friend, to tell the producer the news. After the producer storms off, Heather comes in and sits down, where she is approached by a young woman who insists on joining the two women in their booth and asking Heather very personal questions. In the midst of all this, Jill fields a phone call from another actor who is very angry with Heather about something (threatening Heather) - and the women have to deal with a paparazzo who's so persistent, they know him by name.

When they finally leave the restaurant, Heather wants to stop by Jill's place and asks to borrow Jill's gun so she'll feel safer. The women then call over another female friend and they just hang out at Jill's place. Jill gets drunk, so Heather has to drive herself home (with Jill in tow) and Jill asks to sleep on Heather's couch. The motion-activated lighting then comes on outside. Jill thinks it was just an animal that set off the light, but Heather's worried and Jill ends up sleeping in Heather's bed. And now... the stage is set.

The next morning Jill gets up early to go tell another producer that Heather isn't going to do the required reshoots on a film she completed. Before she leaves Heather's house, Jill takes her gun back out of Heather's purse, thinks about taking it back home, but decides to put it back... and then it goes off. Heather comes running, but isn't upset about the damage to her house; she's just glad Jill isn't hurt. When Jill gets back, she has to call the police to report the lifeless body on the floor. Detective Ahn (Cho) starts questioning Jill as if she's responsible. When Jill finds out she's about to be arrested for Heather's murder, she runs off and, on her own, starts investigating the people who might want Heather dead.

"Gemini" is an interesting, but silly mystery. At times, it's unintentionally humorous, with more than its share of plot holes, but it's fun to try figuring out the truth, with so many possible suspects and scenarios. The relationship between Heather and Jill feels authentic, but the rest of the supporting characters... don't. Most of the acting is merely passable and the characters that the actors play... do things that don't make sense. Wasted potential. "C+"

Reviewed by 6 / 10

Disjointed neo-noir lite drama

GEMINI (2018) ** Lola Kirke, Zoe Kravitz, John Cho, Greta Lee, Michelle Forbes, Nelson Franklin, Ricki Lake. Disjointed neo-noir lite drama about the fragile relationship between friends - one a celebrity (Kravitz) and the other her assistant/BFF (Kirke) - that comes to the ultimate display of friendship involving a violent crime and the aftermath it incurs. While filmmaker Aaron Katz utilized the locales of LA to the nth degree with some truly gorgeous set-ups (thanks to clear-eyed cinematographer Andrew Reed) and sequences the film overall is tedious, predictable and weighs far too heavily on the thin shoulders of one-note Kirke (not a good thing).

Reviewed by MartinHafer 4 / 10

I hate getting sucked into a mystery suspense film only to have the lamest of resolutions.

The set-up and acting in "Gemini" is excellent...and the film really sucked me into the story. So, when in the end NOTHING satisfying occurred, it left me angry...and angry that the title itself betrays much of the ending.

The story is about some obnoxious actress (Zoë Kravitz). She is freaked about...but exactly WHAT you don't know. But she doesn't want to be alone and stays with her assistant, Jill (Lola Kirke). She also asks if she can borrow Jill's gun. Soon after this, Jill has to run an errand and returns to find what she assumes is the actress...dead on the floor in the mansion...riddled with bullets from Jill's gun. So what does she do when the police investigate? Yup...she runs and tries to solve the crime herself.

The biggest problem with this film is that while I COULD accept the cliché of Jill trying to solve the crime (common in older film noir pics), I could not tolerate the finale...where, essentially, you learned that no real crime occurred!! What???!!!! So, apparently the entire film you just saw is a waste of time AND the title betrays the a wonderful setup all amounting to nothing.

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