Game Over, Man!


Action / Comedy

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 56%
IMDb Rating 5.4 10 17436


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Rhona Mitra as Erma
Neal McDonough as Conrad Drothers
Jillian Bell as Embarrassed Girl
Daniel Stern as Mitch
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by claire_hornigold 10 / 10

Absolutely hilarious!!! So funny

Watched this purely because I tend to enjoy Adam Devine films. Watched it with my partner and the casting is fantastic and the film is ridiculously funny! I mean belly laughable! A great idea story plot, and the writing is genius in its own right! Hoping they do a second

Reviewed by Syncourt 4 / 10

This lowbrow comedy is not for everyone

I'm going to keep this short and simple, if you aren't a fan of lowbrow, vulgar, and idiotic humour, this isn't for you. If you are, then you'll greatly enjoy it.

Reviewed by neener3707 6 / 10

Silly, Bad, But Fun - Classic Workaholics Formula

Yes its a crappy movie, yes its dumb, yes it wasn't 100% as funny as Workaholics, but its fun, enjoyable, and silly, and for any Workaholics fan, this is good, because its essentially feature length Workaholics episode. The story is basically a spoof of the essential story of Die Hard which is awesome because I'm a big fan of Die Hard and Workaholics, and they actually made a few Die Hard jokes in an early season of the show. So sorry, if you are not a fan of Workaholics, or you were looking for a different formula, then you will be disappointing. But for this fan here, I enjoyed it and had some good laughs, and that is whats important. Whats important in film is that you enjoy yourself, and while this wasn't as outrageously funny as the show, I definitely had some solid laughs and had a goof time viewing this film.

I noticed the extremely low Metacritic score, and all I have to say is come on..... This is suppose to be a stupid and silly comedy movie, not a masterpiece of cinema by Fellini or Kubrick. As a Workaholics fan, I enjoyed to see a movie length opportunity for these three guys, and I loved to spoofing of the essential story of Die Hard. It was a fun little movie and if people take it seriously, as if its serious cinema, the of course a critic will hate it, because its not serious, its silly and over the top, and that what I came here for, I did not come here for Gone With The Wind. Over all, this Workaholics fan enjoyed this film which is essentially a Workaholics episode, and I would highly recommend this to any fan of the show.

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