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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MoDo12 8 / 10

Very good!

This is a wonderful film about a somewhat lost guy traveling to Argentina to see his "internet girlfriend" and all the real life complications that go along with something like that. Ups and downs throughout the film are fun and in a beautiful Argentina backdrop. The ending was absolute perfection.

Reviewed by misinda 8 / 10


Excellent actor's performance. Great script. Worth seeing it. The isolation given by the fact of not knowing the language of the place you are at, as well as the cultural background you need to explore before you visit a foreign country. The ideological contrasts leading to how we evaluate the artist's role in society.The pros and cons of a society establishing ways of relationships based on the social Internet networks. The price you have to pay to be recognized as an artist if you do not accept the market law. All these serious matters are overlapped in different layers the script manages wonderfully in a funny story with an outstanding role played by Sam.

Reviewed by kv-910-943489 10 / 10

Very good movie!

I thought this was such a great film! Funny, witty, engaging throughout. Fantastic performances from the familiar face of Sam Huntington to the amazing Argentine talent that rounds out the cast! Alex's confusing encounters with Sofia's boyfriend, Victor, remind me of the many times that I traveled abroad and had no idea what was actually happening around me. A lot of laughs come from subtle "lost in translation" moments, but the movie does not hinge only on that device. I also resonated with pessimistic undertone about art, what it means to make it, and what it means about those that do. The film never takes its self too seriously, and is a refreshing take on a romantic comedy. I would recommend to anyone really.

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