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Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 33%
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Mike Colter as David
Lizzy Caplan as Alice
Michael Peña as Peter
Emma Booth as Samantha
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ozzymexitech 5 / 10

Im balling because everyone hates those kids!

Im laughing so hard because I didnt think I was going to be the only one who thought the movie could have received a lot higher rating if it wasnt for those insufferable kids! >-<

Reviewed by Harrison Tweed (Top Dawg) 9 / 10

The twist *is* what makes this film a brilliant and rare gem

I read a few reviews people complaining about the 'twist' and thus I didn't know what to expect. I had seen the trailer and found it interesting, curious, and was impressed with the visuals but hesitant with Michael Peña's acting, but still decided to see this film.

From the start, everything was on point - the directing, editing, visuals, cinematography, score and story all held my interest quite well. I was really impressed with the modern/futuristic sets. I felt some of the SFX (i.e. some of the CGI explosions) could have been better, but still adequate. The pacing felt a little slow, but started to make sense towards the end.

But initially I was not impressed with Michael Peña's acting, I felt he was being lazy and struggling with his character, as was Lizzy Caplan. I kept thinking to myself that the two children where much better actors - until the 'twist' happened. Only then did everything fall into place and I understood the two lead characters performances (I don't want to give anything away) and was blown away by the brilliant concept.

Finally, a sci-fi with something uniquely different and refreshing that was produced exceptionally well. I am truly blown away as almost an hour has passed and I can't get this film out of my mind and certainly want to see it again. My only critique was that I felt the story could have been tighter. I usually complain that a film is too long but for the first time, I'm complaining that I wanted it longer with more in-depth details of the back story.

I get the wanna be critics slamming this film (mostly for stupid and infantile reasons), but am shocked that the real critics didn't see the brilliance this film had.

I really hope the producers ignore the negativity and come out with a sequel, as this film is certainly a contender for a cult following status for the true and real sci-fi fanatics such as myself.

Bravo to the entire production team and especially the writers for creating this little brilliant gem of a concept and executing it into a remarkable film.

Even though at first you may think, there are no let downs in this film, only pleasant surprises if you're patient. A well deserved 9/10 from me. Please create a sequel!

Reviewed by markokhoward-854-530441 6 / 10

Not terrible not great too many stupid reviews.

This is an average film with a twist at the end. The acting is acceptable the story is ok. It is all in all reasonably enjoyable. What it isn't is a 1/10 the idiots & pseudo intellectual reviewers posting ridiculous reviews with points like not a great script, average acting and whining kids are in fact right on their points but 1/10 is a ridiculous score to give, and save you're nonsense 'it's their opinion' comments. Attention seeking morons is what they are. These are the people that are skewing the reviews & scores and will eventually make IMDb useless as a platform.

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