Exit Wounds


Action / Comedy / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 32%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 46%
IMDb Rating 5.5 10 29421


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Jill Hennessy as Annette Mulcahy
Eva Mendes as Trish
Steven Seagal as Orin Boyd
Michael Jai White as Lewis Strutt
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Nadine Salakov 6 / 10

One of Steven Seagal's best.

"Exit Wounds" has tons of action, and the plot is decent, the performances are fine and it's the type of movie that you'd want to watch till the end, even if you're not keen on it, you'd still want to see what happens next.

A must-watch for action fans.

Reviewed by yihdzelonh 6 / 10

Steven Seagal's last good movie: Action packed and full of great stunts.

Until very recently, I had never seen Exit Wounds. Until I just now saw it for the first time ever, my opinion was that Fire Down Below (1997) was the last 'good' movie that Seagal ever starred in. After seeing Exit Wounds, I have had a change of opinion: Exit Wounds is definitely a better movie than Fire Down Below in most aspects...and THIS is Seagal's last good movie.

I had always had the impression that right around the early 2000s, Seagal was 'done': Washed up, out-of-shape, difficult to understand when he talks, too raspy and subdued a voice, etc. Exit Wounds was a shocking surprise: Seagal was not difficult to understand at all, he was in the best shape I've seen him in I believe since the early 90s, and looked nearly as adept at hand-to-hand combat and running, jumping, etc. as I've ever seen him.

The stunts in Exit Wounds -especially the car chases- were for the most part extremely well, done, exciting, hard-core and very realistic. The movie was quite action-packed...and both for the better and worse 'hard-core': Too much 'sensuality,' 'black culture,' feminism, gangsta feel, profanity, etc. This resulted in a lot of humorous situations but also some 'cringe-inducing' situations as well. Why would Steven Seagal take orders from a woman. Difficult to realistically believe. I wouldn't. Women DO belong 'barefoot and in the kitchen': This isn't 'chauvanismn'; it's 'wisdom' and 'enlightenment.' Overall, the movie was fairly enjoyable, quite 'watcheable,' and entertaining.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 6 / 10

Familiar Seagal vehicle is above average for his recent career but a far cry from his best

Steven Seagal's supposed "comeback" film is an action thriller with some intense, expertly-crafted action scenes saddled on to a routine, clichéd plot which never rises above the "good guys battle police corruption" idea which has been done so many times previously (indeed, to highlight the cliché, Seagal's character is even referred to as "Serpico" in one scene). This time, however, the film is slightly different to most in that the budget is larger than usual, and the film has a slick style, a hard edge that's missing from more usual lower-budgeted fare. This time, too, there's an element of humour in the script, with jokes about Seagal's adopted "hardman" persona as he joins an anger management class, and comic supporting characters (not so funny, including one offensive black guy whose lame brained moronic humour definitely wasn't required).

The cast is a better one than usual. Seagal - who lost weight for the role - is in good shape and looks capable of carrying out some of the well-edited martial arts techniques he tries out in this movie, although his acting hasn't changed since his debut. DMX is pretty limited as Leon Rollins, who turns from extreme bad guy to good guy at around halfway through in one of the film's many character twists. The familiar faces of Tom Arnold, Michael Jai White, and Bill Duke pep out the supporting cast, while Jill Hennessy makes for a strong feminine role as Seagal's tough Commander. The loud music is frequently intrusive and one of the film's flaws.

The action sequences, however, are excellent, and worth watching. Beginning with a large-scale shoot-out involving a squad of renegade commandos disguised as policemen and finishing with a clever helicopter stunt, this has it all. There are MATRIX-style camera tricks used to make characters perform impossible manoeuvres, a motorbike chase, an excellent van set-piece which contains one of the coolest vehicle crashes ever filmed, a scene which harks back to the old days with Seagal battling a street gang single-handedly and breaking many arms and legs, plus plenty of shootings and one-on-one battles for Seagal. Thrilling stuff, it's just a shame the story is so familiar and overdone. Not bad for the genre, though.

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