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Devanny Pinn as River
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Reviewed by Michael Ledo 6 / 10

All up to you now.

Growing up Ellie (Erin Marie Hogan) and her sister River (Devanny Pinn) would see a creature, one that eventually would take their mother's life (Josie DiVincenzo). 16 years later Ellie wants closure with her mother and wants to contact her....so she purchases the Amara House which is known to be haunted. Along with her is her husband Gavin (Mu-Shaka Benson) and niece Izzy (Abigail Mary) who has her mother's gift of second sight. River is institutionalized.

The character introduction was light. The Amara house was briefly introduced thru a newspaper clipping during the credits and not by any single act which would have been better. I didn't like the piano sound track, but loved it when they played the drums. The drama scene in the bedroom between our couple was a flop. Everything in the film has been done before, so for seasoned horror film watchers this may be a yawn...the secret room, the mirror, the doll, the little girl.

Ellie reads her packed away occult book for what seemed like the first time. Izzy was okay as the little girl and might be outstanding with the right coaching. The film wasn't bad, but definitely needing some tweaking and a couple of more scenes.

Guide: no swearing sex or nudity.

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