Double Impact


Action / Crime

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Jean-Claude Van Damme as Alex / Chad Wagner
Geoffrey Lewis as Frank Avery
Julie Strain as Student
Bolo Yeung as Moon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ivo-cobra8 10 / 10

Double Slam-bang-best-action packed martial arts Van Damme film!

Double Impact (1991) was my favorite childhood Van Damme movie, beside Bloodsport was this movie my favorite. I grew up with this film I love this movie to death! Bolo Yeung was also in this movie as Moon, Zhang's killer.

The fight at the end between Van Damme and Bolo Yeung was the best just like was in Bloodsport. The story was adrenaline action packed and Van Damme played double role in here and he did an excellent job as Alex and Chad two different characters. I always loved this movie and I love the action and the fight choreographer from Jean-Claude Van Damme, I like his spin kick and his martial arts in this movie. Van Damme fights the same guy from Bloodsport. I love this movie a lot, it is bloody full action packed fire guns.

What I love in this movie is a great supporting cast, Geoffrey Lewis was a great support cast as Uncle Frank who raised Chad. Alonna Shaw as Danielle Wilde was a great as Alex girlfriend. Their was one imaginary sexy scene that really did not mean anything. Corinna Everson as Kara as Griffith's bodyguard was terrific, here we first time see a women who is a villain in a action movie. In the 90's I don't remember seeing any women been a villain. Corinna was a perfect choice for playing Kara. Philip Chan as Raymond Zhang was awesome he was even in John Woo's Hard Boiled and Bloodsport. The movie it self reflects more on Van Damme's life: Chad was really Van Damme, he was raised in Belgium in this film his character was raised in Paris, but with Frank they moved to America. Now after 25.years they come back to Hong Kong in which they track down Alex, together they avenge their parents death. Alex is a bad ass in this movie. He looks so scary, that even I wouldn't dare to cross his path. I love Van Damme in two roles he is great. I have enjoyed this movie a lot and had a lot of fun.

The contrast between the two characters of Chad and Alex is amazing. The happy go lucky playboy and the brooding street fighting bad ass. You really do get the feeling that there's two Van Dammes in the world and they're right there on screen together. And Chad is one my favorite JCVD characters he's ever played. I love the action sequences, the gun play, the fights and the story that works. In my opinion this movie is very underrated. It was my childhood favorite movie and it always will be.

I am giving a 10, because the movie has a good action and nice martial arts, but it also does have a plot hole that I don't like.

Reviewed by whpratt1 10 / 10

Great Jean Claude Van Damme Film!

Every time I view this film, I enjoy the great photography of Honk Kong, the beauty of the country, excitement of the night lights and the forbidden areas of the dark back streets and its perils! Claude Van Damme (Alex Wagner) gave the audience a double take every time he made a fantastic martial arts endeavor. His great supporting actor was the veteran actor, Geoffry Lewis, (Frank Avery),"Mind Games",'03, whose main goal was to protect the twin boys who were almost killed as infants and see that they obtained the wealth that belonged to the both of them. The gals in the picture add some hot steamy scenes, especially in the Boiler Room! If you are not a Jean Claude Van Damme fan or do not like the great acting of Geoffrey Lewis, this is not the film for you. You will probably like the "Terminator Films"!

Reviewed by Don Bendell 6 / 10

What a classic of B-movie cheese this is

"What a classic of B-movie cheese this is. In the first of Van Damme's trilogy of twin movies (at least until he decides to use the idea yet again), our boy Jean-Claude plays brothers who are separated when a Triad hit team takes out their parents. Twenty years later, the "bad" brother is a smuggler in HK, while the "good" one is an aerobics instructor in Los Angeles, and they team up to take revenge on the boss (Philip Chan) who took out their parents.

There's nothing really great about Double Impact, other than the immortal tagline of "double the Van Damme, double the Van Damage", but it is a solid low-budget actioner. The script and acting are average to say the least, and the movie looks like it was made for fifty cents and a case of returnable bottles, but when it comes to action, Double Impact delivers the goods. The fights are among some of Van Damme's best, with good choreography and tight filming and editing. Also of note are the gunfights; I might be wrong, but I believe that this was the first Western movie to have John Woo-style dual 9mms (complete with slow motion). If you have a high tolerance for cheeseball antics (or just like to make fun of them), there's some good times to be had with Double Impact. I'm kind of sorry to say this, but given the current anemic state of action films, even middling stuff like this is much better than the crap that has been getting cranked out lately."

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