Del Playa


Horror / Thriller

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Nikki Leigh as Tiffany
Ryan Ochoa as Tim
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by neroaquiria 1 / 10

Boring, dull stack of nonsense.

Ok so,

It's a poor movie, it's just bad. But not like funny-bad... The story is badly told, Blank and dull characters, no structure > You end up wondering who is who even after 30 minutes in. I mean, I didn't even catch the protagonist name because they keep boucing between all of those scenes. No time to know the other characters, they either die or just disappear of the movie too fast.

First part of the movie totally about the killer > you end up forgetting that he is the antagonist and the "bad guy"(We're also pretty much more sensibilised to his feelings than to the protagonist's which we may have forget that she is the protagonist aaaand.. So when we're back to her, we're like "Heck what's happening here? Who's this again?" (it seems they even changed her haircut between two scenes, made things more difficult)) There seems to be random people (blurred face) in the background... That's not professional at all. Who does that in a movie? I don't think I need to go on, it's just so bad, it doesn't catch your attention. Maybe they added a bunch of panties shot, short skirts, teens having sex for this purpose? Heck, still lame.

I do not recommend you this movie, even to kill time. It's just boring.

Reviewed by stassimusic 1 / 10

bad idea and bad execution

I was a student when the actual events this story was based off happened and so I went into this movie expecting the worst (I watched it online, obviously don't want to give money to people like this). It was really poorly written and the acting wasn't great. It wasn't scary or entertaining. Waste of energy and time.

Reviewed by Travis 3 / 10

Disjointed scenes of random stuff.

The show starts out with a kid fighting some other kids. He stabs one with a broken bottle. The scene then ends and we have no idea what happened. The show then jumps to people partying. Not sure if it was the same people or different ones. Jump to another party on a beach and some people are killed. not sure if by the original person or not, not sure who the people on the beach were. jump to more people doing random stuff. jump to a girl cooking in just her panties to throw in some random nudity. More partying and more killing. Oh and don't forget the random guys playing basketball. throw in a girl and guy having sex to add some more nudity.

The acting this movie was good for what there was.

The plot was a good idea but somewhere along the way they forgot about it.

The worst part of this move was the disjointed nature of it. I never knew who people were so didn't care when they died. No emotional connection at all. I actually went back and watched portions to see what I had missed, only to find out that I hadn't missed anything they had just left it out.

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