Blue Iguana


Comedy / Romance / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 27%
IMDb Rating 5.1 10 408


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Sam Rockwell as Eddie
Ben Schwartz as Paul Driggs
Amanda Donohoe as Dawn Bradshaw
Simon Callow as Uncle Martin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Joanna Fishwick 7 / 10

Loved This Film, Men over 25 will Not.

It may seem like a guy movie but it soo isn't.

Phoebe Fox takes centre stage, as the hot dog munching geeky nerdy lawyer who basically runs rings around all the men in the film.

She is smarter, ay cooler and more together but so what if she has bad eating habits?!

You really have to look carefully at what is being said in this film about the female male dynamic in movies.

If you can't see that fact and enjoy it, I guarantee you are a man and are over the age of 25!

Reviewed by billymcclean 7 / 10

Superb Female Lead

At first glance this may not be totally obvious but this is a great womans films from start to finish.

Ok so it has Sam Rockwlel in i and you would expect he is the main lead, but its Phoebe Fox who is the one with the real back bone, the smarts and the skill that makes this film shine.

The rest of the cast do a fine job, but Fox is the one who has the lime light here and its great to a have a woman be front and centre in a move.

Reviewed by kristoffe brodeur 10 / 10

Have a fun time and just go for this ride

This is quirky, weird and certainly funny. They got each little moment in culture on point, and Sam Rockwell is a beast, even with tiny moments. I think what works best is the vanilla british female lawyer who hires the two ex cons to do a screwball job. It makes me laugh especially with the small facial expressions they get on point.

It is similar to many theatre style linear activity films. Each little who dunnit going to another fun reveal keeps the flow and it's really silly. One of my favorite things in acting is proper timing in dialog and good editing right after each moment and it works here well.

Really, the music and the moments are great. It plays out like a theatre production, noises off, something akin to that. Moments like high end moisturizing toilet paper and women's tampons for bullet wounds are sophomoric but great.

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