Bill Maher: Live from Oklahoma


Comedy / Documentary

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Bill Maher as Himself
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jgoldstone9 6 / 10

Huge Maher fan but not his best performance

Bill Maher is a phenomenal talent and I've been a fan for a long time. This performance was not up to Maher standards. His jokes didn't "flow" like they normally do when Bill is at the top of his game, and the delivery was just subpar. Also a lot of the material was just unoriginal and overly predictable. "Trump sucks, Trump's a dictator, Trump's crazy, Republicans are crazy, blah blah blah". I know the anti-trump thing is his schtick these days so maybe I shouldn't be surprised, but was just hoping he would tackle some new material for a major new standup special.

Reviewed by SamoKu 3 / 10


Mostly Trump this, Trump that. Old stuff, not funny nor imaginative. You could feel the crowd was just enjoying being present at such an eminent (I guess) show, not really enjoying the "jokes". You could also see that it was clear to Maher that he wasn't getting through (no surprise there though). he was sweating something awful.

Reviewed by Pro_Viewer 1 / 10

Bill, Sorry but you failed!

Bill Maher: Live from Oklahoma is nothing more then a recap of his Trump jokes already told on his monologues on Real Time. He did throw in some extra Trump bashing for those who just cannot get enough. I personally like Bill Maher, but, this is a total Fail.

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